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We are committed to building a world-class enterprise in the equipment manufacturing industry, cultivating outstanding talents and promoting technical innovation

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Salary and Welfare

NGC provides employees with competitive salary and welfare benefits within the manufacturing industry, while also providing comprehensive and diverse welfare plans and full assurance for its employees.

Through our comprehensive performance management system, we break up our strategic goals across all levels to the performance plan of every employee. Those employees who display outstanding performances will have the opportunity to assume more challenging duties, earn bonuses and recognition, and be promoted to a higher position. We encourage our employees to motivate themselves and improve their knowledge, skill set, and professional qualities.


Competitive salary in the industry

Year-end bonus

Contract-signing bonus

Employee Care

Holiday cash gifts

Holiday gifts

Birthday benefits

Regular physical examination

Various clubs and societies

Team building

Livelihood Welfare

Free employee meals

Comfortable apartments

Convenient shuttle bus

Job Security

Six insurances and one provident fund

Commercial insurance for children of employees

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