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NGC’s rail vehicle business operations cover urban rail transit gearboxes, high-speed train gearboxes, tram gearboxes, and traction gears. These products also include items related to rail vehicle transmissions for rail construction vehicle gearboxes, test stands for urban rail transit gearboxes, and more. Their outstanding performance has led NGC rail vehicle transmission products to be favored by major manufacturers both in China and across the world. There are now more than 60,000 stably operating NGC rail transit gearboxes mounted on various types of vehicles and equipment across China, North America, South America, Europe, Oceania, Southeast Asia, South Africa, and beyond.

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Rail Vehicle Gearboxes

Be dedicated to providing our users with reliable, safe, and quiet products

NGC uses master craftsmanship to manufacture high-quality products, and has accumulated rich experience together with customers from around the world, and is dedicated to providing our users with reliable, safe, and quiet products. After decades of team effort, the company’s advanced management experience and global service network can ensure the safe operation of the users’ vehicles.

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NGC’s rail vehicle business has fully implemented the IRIS quality management system, and executes our product development process strictly according to the system’s requirements. From the design of the gearboxes, to gear strength, to the degree of gear tooth modification, to the gear load contact analysis, to the gearbox system simulation and noise calculation, as well as finite element analysis of structural parts, all are structured to ensure that the gearboxes maintain high safety and high reliability factors. NGC’s engineers also attach great importance to its raw material selection, machining, heat treatment, assembly, testing, painting, shipping, and other procedures according to its zero-defect principle and management process, thereby ensuring that the products conform to high-quality standards across the entire life cycle, thereby creating greater value for our users.

Our Products

All of the products supplied by NGC for urban rail transit, high-speed trains, trams, and locomotives were produced through processes of independent research and development and design. Through many years of continuous product and system refinement, NGC has accumulated rich experience in the design and application of railway vehicle gearbox structures, including their lightening, lubrication, sealing, vibration, noise reduction, efficiency improvement, reliability, and maintainability, and has fully standardized its parts design, modularized its component design, and serialized its product design. Our products have passed both their ISO/TS22163:2017 (International Railway Industry Standard) certification and railway product CRCC certification.

Parallel-shaft gearbox

TheThis product can be appliedused in new energy passenger and commercial vehicles, with a maximum power of 250kW and a maximum speed of 20,000rpm. [Fold]

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EpicyclicPlanetary gearbox

TheThis product can be applied used in new energy passenger and commercial vehicles, with a maximum power of 250kW and a maximum speed of 16,000 rpm. [Fold]

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Our Services

NGC’s service team consists of the design engineer, quality engineer, technical application engineers, field engineers, and after-sales service partners. Thanks to the full support from NGC Group’s subsidiaries located overseas, NGC can provide high-quality, custom-tailored gearbox maintenance solutions at anytime, anywhere for customers around the world, including gearbox fault diagnosis and maintenance, regular inspection and damage repair, daily maintenance and user training. This service extends from the warranty period to the entire life cycle of product.

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