Robot Reducers (NGCRV)

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NGC’s robot reducers (NGCRV) boast a compact structure, excellent overload capacity, high performance and high positioning accuracy. They are primarily used in industrial multi-joint robots, SCARA robots, machine tool libraries, machine tool benches, welding positioners, solar panels, medical CT scanning equipment and other fields.

About Nanchuan Intelligent

The NGCRV business belongs to NGC’s wholly owned subsidiary Nanjing Nanchuan Intelligent Technology Co., LTD. ("Nanchuan Intelligent "). Founded in 2016, Nanjing Nanchuan Intelligent Technology has world-class processing equipment and an automated production line, as well as a thermostatic precision processing workshop, thermostatic precision assembly workshop and auxiliary facilities. Thanks to lean production management, the Company has also ensured that its products meet the highest quality standards throughout their life cycles.

Reliable Digital Development Platform

A high reliability digital development platform was created for the NGCRV reducers. This was based on the angle transfer error control model, cycloid gear loading model and tooth shape modification theory. The calculation model for the device was established through finite element modeling. Cycloid gear detection software, ball bearing detection software and pin wheel housing detection software are used to ensure the accuracy of measurements for high precision parts. Using the independently developed NGCRV reducer machine testing equipment, the platform established a total testing procedure, to ensure the strictness of the reducer machine tests and provide key test verifications for product design.

Long Life and High Reliability of NGCRV Dedicated Precision Bearings

The Company has cooperated closely with famous international bearing suppliers to develop a long-life, high-reliability precision bearings for NGCRV, ensuring the stable and reliable operation of the NGCRV reducers and improving the service life of the products.

Our Products

In order to meet the needs of our customers, we have launched three product lines: the NGCRV-JC, the NGCRV-CG and the NGCRV-ZK.

Parallel-shaft gearbox

TheThis product can be appliedused in new energy passenger and commercial vehicles, with a maximum power of 250kW and a maximum speed of 20,000rpm. [Fold]

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EpicyclicPlanetary gearbox

TheThis product can be applied used in new energy passenger and commercial vehicles, with a maximum power of 250kW and a maximum speed of 16,000 rpm. [Fold]

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