Industrial Gearboxes

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The courageous and pioneering spirit of NGC has resulted in a number of major new products in the field of industrial equipment. Over the years, NGC has been constantly improving its product line, and can satisfy the needs of customers across a wide range of industries.

Thanks to our close technical cooperation with customers at home and abroad, and the support that our worldwide development system provides, NGC has been able to provide solutions above and beyond users’ expectation. The confidence expressed by NGC is leading the industry towards higher and higher standards.

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Industrial Gearboxes

Industrial Devices

NGC industrial gearboxes are widely used in the metallurgical, building materials, mining, petrochemical, port crane, engineering machinery, plastics machinery, sugar, electricity, and other industries.

Parallel-shaft gearbox

TheThis product can be appliedused in new energy passenger and commercial vehicles, with a maximum power of 250kW and a maximum speed of 20,000rpm. [Fold]

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EpicyclicPlanetary gearbox

TheThis product can be applied used in new energy passenger and commercial vehicles, with a maximum power of 250kW and a maximum speed of 16,000 rpm. [Fold]

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Intelligent Gearbox Solutions

NGC’s newly developed intelligent interconnected products have brought intelligent gearbox solutions for our customers. Thanks to our intelligent interconnected products, which can monitor the operating state of gearboxes and other components on the transmission chain in real-time, enabling gearboxes to perceive their own operations and health status, issue alarms in cases of possible failures, and can avoid deterioration in the situation and occurrence of secondary accidents, effectively reducing maintenance costs and unplanned downtime in the production process, achieving the objectives of cost reduction and efficiency increases.

Comprehensive Services

In the field of customer service, NGC is committed to providing users with services that cover the entire lifecycle of our products. Our operational bases in China, the United States, Germany, and Singapore provide a global service network, provides a full range of solutions for global partners. NGC also remains committed to achieving instantaneous and convenient service support for our customers. NGC believes that the real challenge of serving our users begins in our delivery of products and technical solutions. Facing the diverse needs of our customers, our company can provide customers with whole lifecycle solutions from research and development, to manufacturing, to installation and debugging, to operational and maintenance training, to spare parts, to the technological upgrading of older products, and other stages and needs.

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