Speech of President

Since its founding, NGC Group has been striving for excellence in the face of evolving markets. We understand that globalization, technological progress and a culture of innovation are major deciding factors in social and economic development.

As an international enterprise listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange, we are aware of the considerable challenges faced by young enterprises in emerging markets, and at the same time look forward to boundless opportunities in these highly dynamic industries. Starting as a simple machine tool repair shop, progressing to a high speed gearbox manufacturer, and finally emerging as one of the global market leaders in wind energy and industrial gearboxes, NGC has achieved amazing success with its partners.

We are committed to our core principles of customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, shareholder satisfaction and social responsibility, forging ahead to build NGC into a trustworthy brand for our global partners, while always adhering to the spirit of responsibility and accountability. AT NGC, we have full confidence in our young, motivated and dynamic team.

Our Strategic Plan positions the company as the world's leading gearbox and drive technology solutions provider, while continuing to innovate and strengthen our R & D team. We are also committed to our lean management, zero defects and supply chain management philosophies. Our balanced development in wind energy, rail and heavy industries, as well as OEM and regional market strategies, will ensure the company's long term sustainability.

Looking to the future, we will continue to develop our core businesses in clean energy and high efficiency technologies for sustainable development, and with our partners throughout the world, we will always strive towards being “Geared for a Better Future”.