Research, Development and Innovation

NGC has years of experience in research, development and production, having undertaken multiple national key scientific and technological projects and accumulated rich experience in advanced manufacturing, research, and development. The Company has also extensively established long-term technical cooperation with many domestic and foreign universities and colleges, design institutes and renowned companies.

    • First-Class Equipment on Par with Global Advances

      The Company is equipped with globally advanced testing devices and inspection instruments, having successively introduced substantial devices for cold and hot manufacturing from nations such as Germany, Italy, the United States, Austria and Switzerland. These devices cover all key procedures for manufacturing high precision gearbox products. Their advancement and completeness are at globally competitive levels.

    • A Focus on Independent Intellectual Property Rights

      The Company has actively participated in the formulation and revision of national and industry standards. The Company has manufactured many new products such as the “main transmission gearbox for wind turbine generator systems”, “general gearboxes”, “locomotive transmission devices”, “rolling mill gearboxes”, “vertical mill reducers” and “central transmission mill reducers”.

    • Mechanistic Drivers of Scientific Research and Innovation

      The Company focuses on scientific innovation achievements. Based on optimized innovation incentive mechanisms, the Company promotes its capacities in scientific research and innovation to a new level, laying a solid foundation for sustained development of the Company.

    • Enhancing the Level of Technology and Mastering Core Technology

      By strengthening the research of basic theories, improving the means of analyzing technology and enhancing the technical level of transmission products, the Company masters core technologies such as heat treatment control for key components and for finite element analysis.

    • Ensuring that Products are Active on the Forefront of the Industry

      Given the latest industry standards, the Company accelerates product updates, improves product performance and enhances product quality. Meanwhile, the Company constantly launches new products and develops new fields of services.

    • Optimizing Product Design and Manufacturing Process

      The Company optimizes manufacturing technology for key processing, enhances product quality and production efficiency through an optimization of its designs and processing procedures thereby reducing product costs.

    • Attracting Talent and Cultivating First-Rate Teams

      NGC introduces technical specialists and quality experts suited to company demands on a global scale and trains manufacturing technicians of various trades to build first-class technical talent teams.