Why Choose NGC

NGC’s mission is to transmit power for human civilization, and NGC’s goal is to build a world-class enterprise, cultivating outstanding personnel and leading technology. The Company delivers a wide range of solutions, including wind power/rail gearboxes, industrial gearboxes, robot reducers, new energy vehicle gearboxes and more.

NGC recruits talent from all walks of life and offers not only job opportunities but also a broad stage on which employees can exert competence and climb the corporate ladder.

Technical Talent Strategy

NGC continues to be a technological leader by nurturing and retaining a strong group of talented engineers and technicians.

At NGC, the growth of our technical teams is a cornerstone of corporate strategy. Using a holistic talent development strategy that encompasses Recruitment, Learning & Development pathways and outcome-oriented Motivation programs, NGC is able to produce and retain world-class employees. In this way, the company aims to maintain its leading position and competitive advantages.

  • Attracting and Cultivating First-Class Technical Experts

    Establishing a leading research and development center for our products; keeping the number of technical engineers at over 10% of all employees; training outstanding technicians to become technical experts.

  • Forming a Multidisciplinary Talent Network

    By ensuring close cooperation with well-known design institutes and universities in China, the company has built a science and technical talent network that covers a variety of disciplines, thus advancing the transformation of research achievements into physical products and shortening the commercial cycle.

  • Improving Efficient Education and Training Systems

    Based on the different training requirements of our employees, the Company has formulated detailed training plans and schedules, in order to guarantee the sustainable development of its talent pool.

Administration of Talent Strategy

Corporate managers play a fundamental role in the company's strategy, and are one of the first issues a company needs to address. The Art of War says that "the clever combatant looks to the effect of combined energy and does not require too much from individuals. Hence his ability to pick out the right men and utilize their combined energy." Selecting proper managers for different positions according to the actual needs of the company is the most effective means of ensuring victory by bringing all positive factors into play. At all stages of the strategic management of an enterprise, from information gathering to planning, from strategic decision-making to implementation, leaders with the right set of skills are indispensable at all levels. Furthermore, the professional qualifications of its corporate managers are crucial to the success of a company’s strategic management.

  • Attracting and retaining middle and senior managers

    The Company recruits outstanding talent to occupy senior positions, while also pinpointing and training up existing employees, before promoting them to corresponding management positions.

  • Cultivating potential managers for corporate expansion

    Leadership positions expand as a company grows, as a result of which we have organized training for backup managers and provided advancement opportunities for outstanding talent.

  • Providing opportunities for outstanding individuals to assume sole responsibility for  important tasks

    After proper authorization from senior management, and while adhering to the principle of making full use of personal incentives, we are able to grant our employees with reasonable  performance incentives to achieve self-fulfillment. 

  • Promotion and utilization of talent

    Talent represents significant capital that has the potential to create several times its own value when properly utilized.