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Why Choose NGC

NGC’s mission is to transmit power for human civilization, and NGC’s goal is to build a world-class enterprise, cultivating outstanding personnel and leading technology. The Company delivers a wide range of solutions, including wind power/rail gearboxes, industrial gearboxes, precision machine tools, LED products, and more.

As one of the top 100 most competitive enterprises in China’s mechanical industry, NGC leads globally in technology, equipment, and product performance. NGC recruits talent from all walks of life and offers not only job opportunities but also a broad stage on which employees can exert competence and climb the corporate ladder.

why join ngc

Technical Talent Strategy

Compared to traditional technical sections, hi-tech development has an important feature, i.e. a high accumulation of knowledge and technology. Human competence and intelligence are becoming the deciding factors for technological developments. In pursuit of development and renovations in the hi-tech field, the Company not only needs advanced equipment and means of production, but also requires a large number of technological and managerial talents to satisfy the needs of research and development. Continuous hi-tech development demands greater quality and quantity of talents, which pushes the talent structure toward a knowledge-based, comprehensive direction.

Attracting and Cultivating First-Class Experts
Establishing a leading product and technological research and development center; keeping the number of technical engineers to account for over 10% of all employees; training excellent technicians to become technical experts.
Forming a Multidisciplinary Talent Network
By conducting close cooperation with well-known design institutes and universities in China, the Company has built a science and technology development talent network that covers multi-disciplines and multi-areas, advances the transformation of technological research achievements to production, thereby shortening the cycle of commercialization.
Improving Efficient Education and Training Systems
Based on the different training demands of different employees, the Company formulates detailed training plans and arranges reasonable training curricula to maintain the sustainable development of its talent pool.

Administration of Talent Strategy

Corporate management is the principal aspect of strategic management as well as an elementary concern. The Art of War says that "the clever combatant looks to the effect of combined energy and does not require too much from individuals. He can pick out the right men and utilize combined energy." Selecting proper managers for different levels according to the actual needs of the enterprise is the most effective means of ensuring a final victory by bringing all positive factors into play. In all stages of the strategy management of an enterprise, from information collection to strategy planning, from strategic decisions to their implementation, leaders with special skills at different levels are indispensable. Moreover, the qualifications of corporate managers are crucial to the success of a company’s strategic management.

Attracting and retaining senior management of high quality
The Company recruits outstanding talent from the community to occupy high positions, seeks out and trains outstanding internal employees and promptly promotes them to corresponding management positions.
Cultivating potential managers for the corporate expansion
The positions of leadership expand with the enlargement of the company, and as such, we have organized training for backup managers and provide advancement opportunities for outstanding talent.
Providing opportunities for excellent talents to assume sole responsibility in important tasks
After full authorization and by the principle of giving full play to our employee's subjective incentives, we grant employees with reasonable performance incentives to achieve self-fulfillment.
Promote and utilize talents
Talent is significant capital that has the potential to create several times even several tens of times its own value if used properly.