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NGC 2MW Wind Gearbox Listed in National Key New Product Plan

Published: 2014-12-01


The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) recently issued its notice concerning 2014 national science and technology planning project, in which the “FD2250G wind turbine gearbox” project researched and developed by NGC Gears Group subsidiary Nanjing High Speed Gear Manufacturing passed project evaluation to be included in the 2014 national key new product plan.

“National key new products” refers to new products which are first researched and developed domestically in China, and which have outstanding properties among the same kinds of products, meet the requirements of national industrial policy, and are listed on National Key New Product Plan. The national key new product plan is intended to promote development of new products, conversion and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements through policy guidance and support. It is also aimed at prompting scientific and technological progress within enterprises, improving technological innovative abilities, and driving national optimization and upgrading of industrial structures and product structure adjustments.

The FD2250G wind turbine gearbox supports 2MW wind generation sets, and is widely applied in wind-rich offshore and onshore locations. The actual working conditions of the fan were carefully considered when the gearbox was designed, and parts of the gearbox are accurately calculated and analyzed according to load spectrum, so that the bearing capacity of the gearbox is effectively improved, and the total weight is reduced. Thanks to its utilization of high-strength cast iron and forgings, the gearbox has good low temperature impact resilience and high overall strength, being able to be deployed nationally at low temperatures. Due to its utilization of key technologies such as original gear modifications, tip relief technology, gear face strengthening, as well as precision machining, the gearbox offers reliable operation, low noise, low working failure rate, and high efficiency. In addition, total weight, volume and overall performance achieve the advanced level of the similar products in the world.

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