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Mr. Wang Yang, the Vice Premier of the State Council Came to Visit NGC

Published: 2013-07-26


On July 19th, Mr. Wang Yang, member of the political bureau of the CPC central committee, and vice premier of the state council, accompanied by Luo Zhijun, Li Xueyong, Zhou Qian, Xiang Xuelong, provincial and municipal leaders, Chen Faxi, Dai Huajie, Zhou Yugang , the leaders of Jiangning District, and Li Dahong, the leader of Jiangning high-tech industrial park, came to visit Nanjing High Accurate Drive Equipment Manufacturing Group Co., Ltd. (“NGC”).

Mr. Wang Yang carefully listened the report about the situations of the operation of business enterprise and foreign trade market from Mr. Hu Yueming, the president and general manager of NGC. He looked around the griding machine workshop and assembly workshop with great interest. He also made deep discussion with the managers of our corportation about technical innovation, foreign trade, cash flow and so on. Mr Wang Yang was very pleased after he knew that NGC attached importance to both independent innovation and production-study-research, and widely built up technical cooperative relationships with worldwide colleges, design institutes and famous companies on subjects of science research, product design and new product development, and mastered the industry-leading gear design and manufacturing technology.

Towards the end of the visit, Mr. Wang Yang encouraged NGC to strengthen the efforts of product technical innovation and market exploration, try to become the industry leaders, and make more contributions to local economic development.

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