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NGC CPP + Gearbox for Guangdong 1000T Provincial Surveillance Vessel of Law Enforcement Passed the Acceptance Inspection

Published: 2012-09-29


On September 20, 2012, an acceptance meeting regarding CPP and gearbox of Guangdong 1000T provincial surveillance vessel of law enforcement was held in Nanjing High Accurate Marine Equipment Co., Ltd (NGC Marine Company). Experts and management of China Marine Surveillance Guangdong Corp, 708 Institute, CCS Jiangsu Office, Shanghai Jiachuan Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd, CSSC Guangzhou Huangpu Shipbuilding Co., Ltd, ZGPT Diesel and NGC Marine Company attended the meeting.

As the designer and manufacturer of CPP and gearbox for this project, Chen Yongdao, the general manager of NGC Marine Company gave a simple company introduction in the beginning, and he also addressed the effective measurement the company had taken to guarantee the quality and delivery time of the project. Engineers of NGC Marine Company made a detailed report regarding the arrangement of CPP and gearbox, system designing and machining control process, and also introduced the combined commissioning program of CPP and gearbox and preparation of gearbox load test as well.

Beside from the report, the experts group inspected the relative technical documents and quality inspection report, and reviewed the combined commissioning program of CPP and gearbox and the gearbox load test after then.

Combined commissioning

Twin screws were commissioned together, and mechanical, electrical and hydraulic integrated operation was done during the test. NGC Marine Company assembled the CPP, gearbox, OD box, hydraulic system and control system in workshop, and simulated the different work conditions, such as pitch adjusting, gearbox clutch and relative parameter setting based on real vessel operation. All test results accorded with the designing requirements and CCS Rules. Via the combined commissioning, the reliability of whole propulsion system was checked effectively, which was a good warranty for the on-time delivery.

Gearbox load test was done on the new test bench, which allowed inspecting the temperature, pressure, noise, vibration and clutch functions and operation of sensors under the simulated working condition. The test result was totally fit with the designing requirement and CCS Rules.

Based on the inspection, the experts group was very satisfied with the combined commissioning and load test, and also gave some valuable suggestions. In the end, China Surveillance Guangdong Corp showed their thanks for the efforts NGC Marine Company had made, and also put out further requirements to the board installation.

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