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Win-win Cooperation, Spur with Long Accumulation-China Transmission cooperate with BORUSAN

Published: 2012-06-21


Few days ago, a joint conference was held together by BORUSAN, a industrial magnate in Turkey and China Transmission Nanjing High Accurate Marine Equipment Co., Ltd (NGC-MARINE) in Istanbul. In the conference, it declared that BORUSAN GÜÇ SISTEMLERI became the sales and service agent of NGC-MARINE in Turkey. Nearly a hundred representatives of ship yard, ship owner and designing institute attended the conference. Mr. Chen Yongdao, director of China Transmission Group and general manager of NGC-MARINE, joined the meeting with the clients together with his team.

(Conference site)

In the conference, China Transmission gave an introduction about the company’s development history during these 40 years in gear industry and also the achievement in new energy, especially the high quality marine transmission and propulsion systems, such as the controllable pitch propeller, gearbox and azimuth thruster which had been widely used in Turkey. NGC-MARINE had got wide attention from the visitors on site.

As a marine propulsion manufacturer, NGC-MARINE has built three production bases, and all of them have been equipped with advanced machines. NGC-MARINE is capable to provide 400 sets of CPP and gearboxes per year, and to supply all kinds of transmission and propulsion equipments after the main engine, including CPP, FPP, azimuth thruster, tunnel thruster, main/auxiliary gearbox and shaft / rudder system components and deck machinery, etc.

BORUSAN is one of the famous industry groups in Turkey. Set up in 1940S’, the company has over 70 years history. Its products cover steel, logistic, brand agent and energy. The annual sale is about 4 billion US Dollars.

BORUSAN GÜÇ SISTEMLERI, specialized in marine and petroleum, is also the exclusive agent of CAT/MAK in Turkey. The company has mature sales and service team, and its service nets cover over ten countries and districts around Turkey. The cooperation between China Transmission and BORUSAN can provide a turkey package of whole propulsion system, including propeller, gearbox, tunnel thruster, etc, which can offer more convenient and faster service to the ship owner and ship yard.

The establishment of sales and service net in Turkey is an important act after the founding of subsidiary company in Singapore, and has helped to complete the global service of China Transmission and reduced the worries of the ship owner after the shipment. It is also very critical in the face of international economic crisis and the downturn of ship building.

Meanwhile, NGC-MARINE team had communicated with the local main ship yards and designing institutes regarding some projects and product information. At the same time, NGC-MARINE provided a whole-day product training to BORUSAN’ s technical engineers, and listened to the service experience and suggestion from BORUSAN’s service team, which had laid a good foundation to improve NGC marine products.

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