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A strategic cooperation agreement was signed between Shanghai Heavy Machinery Plant Co.,Ltd and NGC

Published: 2012-02-21


In the morning of February 17, 2012, the strategic cooperation agreement between Shanghai Heavy Machinery Plant Co., Ltd. and Nanjing High Accurate Gear Croup Co., Ltd , the subsidiary of Nanjing High Accurate Drive Equipment Manufacturing Group Co., Ltd. (NGC), was signed. The representatives of two sides Mr. Dai Shijie, the general manager of Shanghai Heavy Plant and Mr.Chen Yongdao , the general manager of NGC represented in the meeting.

The following personnels also attended the signing ceremony, such as Mr.Yang Jiaguo ,the Director of Material Department and Mr.Cai Tianqing, Director of casting and forging Department from Shanghai side, Mr. Zhang Tao, the general manager and Mr. Zhang Xiaoping, the manager of building material sale department, and Mr. Yuan Changhui, the head of Purchase Department from NGC side.

The signing ceremony (3ed from left : Mr.Chen Yongdao (NGC), 4th from left: M.Dai Shijie,(Shanghai)

According to the agreement, both parties would like to build up the strategic partners relationship to co-develop markets and enhance the market competitiveness, on the base of the win-win principle and mutual benefit. In addition, there will be more multi-level exchanges of enterprise culture and management between both parties in the future.

Shanghai Heavy Machinery Plant Co., Ltd. is a large backbone enterprise of the State Administration of Machinery Industry, the largest center of heavy machinery and equipment manufacturing and casting and forging in southeastern China. Their main products are high quality & large castings and forgings used in nuclear power, thermal power, metallurgy, machinery, shipbuilding and chemical industries and the equipment of power plants for milling, smelting, steel rolling, forging, water, mining etc.

Nanjing High Accurate Gear Group Co., Ltd. is a large-scale enterprise specialized in R&D and manufacturing of building material, metallurgy and general gearboxes and spare parts with high-speed, heavy duty and precision . and also is recognized as the leading enterprise in gear industry in China, and it is at the international advanced level in the aspects of technology, equipment and product performance.

Before signing the strategic cooperation agreement, both sides had a thoroughly exchanges in many fields. Mr. Chen Yongdao, General Manager of NGC gave a detailed introduction of the company to the guests from Shanghai Heavy Plant, and then discussed more details of cooperation. He showed his thanks for the support and trust from Shanghai Heavy Plant in the past years and hoped that two sides could have a closer co-operation through the signing of the agreement.

Mr. Dai Shijie, General manager of Shanghai Heavy Plant also introduced the situation and product details, he said, in the current economic situation, the large powerful enterprises should be co-operated in many fields in order to keep and develop the market in the future.

(Mr.Dai Shijie group visited the NGC workshop accompanied by Chen Yongdao)

After the signing ceremony, Mr.Dai Shijie accompanied by Chen Yongdao visited the production site of NGC, he said he was very impressed by NGC advanced equipments and excellent field management.

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