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Design proposal of China Transmission’s seven axis propeller machine tool passed the client’s acceptance

Published: 2011-12-23


The leaders and technical experts from Wuhan Heavy Industry Casting & Forging Co., Ltd came to China Transmission Heavy Duty Machine Tool Co., Ltd (China Transmission) with the purpose of design review for project of “VTM11000 seven axis propeller machine”.

Lasting for two days, the design review of this project finally passed the acceptance of the clients. 

China Transmission Heavy Duty Machine Tool, established in January 2011, is the production base of high end machines in NGC. The company mainly produces high precision, large and heavy duty machines, i.e. vertical lathe, vertical milling and turning machine center, horizontal lathe, horizontal milling & turning machine, and other high efficient special machine tools. The annual production capacity reaches 500 units of machines. The company aims to supply globally advanced heavy duty & high precision machines to the clients.   

VTM11000 seven axis propeller machine tool is applicable to produce the complicate propeller components which have very high requirement to the precision in areas of aerospace, air navigation, shipping, and so on. This machine is capable of milling, turning, drilling, boring and threading, etc, and is able to machine the propeller root or the overlapping places of five more blades at the same time. 

VTM11000 has adopted several international initiative advanced technology, and has overcome the key technical bottle necks which have limited the development of the machine tool. Design review is the important link of the project, and the success of this design proposal indicates that the company wins the approval from the clients, helps to improve our popularity at home and abroad, and has significant meaning to enhance the comprehensive national strength and national defense power.

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