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The large reducer examination and maintenance project was carried out in South Cement Co., Ltd.

Published: 2012-01-06


From October to December of 2011, Nanjing High Accurate Drive Equipment Manufacturing Group Co., Ltd., the equipment supplier of South Cement Co., Ltd. took nearly two months to do the examination and maintenance job for the large vertical mill reducer and central drive mill reducer of Zhejiang South Cement, Jiangsu South Cement, Jiangxi South Cement, Hunan South Cement, all are subsidiaries of South Cement Co., Ltd.

South Cement Co., Ltd. (“South Cement”) is a large cement enterprise with a central enterprise background. It is one of the core enterprises in the sector of cement business under China National Building Material Company. Since the company was set up, it has been sticking to the policy of putting the resources to good use and giving service to construction. It grew up quickly. By the end of 2010, the cement capacity of the company has reached 100 million tons, the total assets was RMB 40 billion, the sales revenue was over RMB 25 billion, and the market area has covered Zhejiang, Shanghai, Anhui, Hunan, Jiangxi, Guangxi, etc. It has become the biggest cement group in China’s southeast economic district.

Mr. Chen Yourong, the vice general engineer of South Cement and Mr. Zhang Tao, the general manager of NGC’s building material sales company are talking with each other

During this large reducer examination and maintenance project, NGC sent its best team from its sales company, technology department and after-sale company to make a detection to the running condition of the large reducer and a valuation to the safety risks. The team also had face to face communications regarding the running condition of the equipment with the technology directors of each production base.

In the end of November in 2011, the general manager of NGC’s building material sales company and Mr. Chen Yourong, the vice general engineer of South Cement, along with other leaders had a technology discussion about the event and made a conclusion about this experience in the head office of South Cement in Hangzhou. NGC provided a detailed valuation report about the large reducer that the enterprises are using and a maintenance report about the reducer. This report will be the major reference of the maintenance project of South Cement in 2012, and it will be put on special record by the head office of cement production technology of South Cement.

This large reducer examination and maintenance project has been successfully completed under the support and perfect arrangement from both sides. It improved the level of equipment maintenance management of South Cement and strengthened the idea of technology innovation and after-sale of NGC, and kept a stable win-win situation between NGC and China National Building Materiel South Cement.

The 5000T/D raw material vertical mill reducer for Changshan South Cement (NGC)

Group picture in Jiangxi Yongfeng South Cement Co., Ltd.

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