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The High Speed Company Held Craftsmanship Competition

Published: 2012-01-31


In order to strengthen the staffs’ technical skills and team spirits, in the fourth quarter of 2011, each department of Nanjing High Speed Gear Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (“High Speed Company”) began their preparation for the competition by practicing and holding many exercising contests, which obtained notable effect.

(Truck operation skill contest)

This competition was held separately by each department according to their own production schedule. The contest item for Storage Center is truck operation skill contest and outsourcing component distribution contest. For Heat Treatment branch factory is 5S and LET knowledge contest, machine maintenance skill contest including jointing, hydraulic pressure magnetic exchange valve, shot blasting machine installation, medium pipeline making, etc., as well as quality skill contest. For Equipment Department of No. 1 branch factory is equipment knowledge contest and weekly maintenance contest.

The competitors were all interested to the contests. Before the contest, they communicated with each other, discussing about how to overcome the difficulties. The department managers also encouraged them to use their best skill to create best results, meanwhile try to discover their shortage and improve it. All the competitors competed with each other in work style, technique, and cooperation with team workers. During the process, they got to learn more knowledge and grew up.

(Hoisting skill contest )

(Machine maintenance skill contest)

(Knowledge contest)                         (Finding error in video)

(The referee was examining the results)

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