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An order of 150 sets of Main Gearboxes for 3MW Offshore Wind Turbines was signed between NGC and the customer

Published: 2011-01-21


An order of 150 sets of main gearbox for 3MW double-fed wind turbines was signed recently between NGC and its customer. These 150 sets of gearboxes will be designed and manufactured by NGC according to the requirements of the customer. With the development of Chinese wind industry, especially the starting of licensed bidding projects of offshore wind industry, the large wind turbines become more and more popular. Depending on rich strength and mature 3MW wind gearbox manufacturing technology, NGC has taken the lead in mass production of 3MW wind gearbox and became the strongest one in supplying gearboxes for offshore wind turbines in Chinese Wind market. In June, 2010 NGC has got a batch order of 32 sets of 3MW gearbox for offshore wind turbines, of which the first batch has been delivered and started operating at the end of 2010.    

The 3MW wind gearboxes which were developed by NGC are characteristic of big load capacity, stable power transmitting and compact structure, etc. These gearboxes were designed strictly adhering to the latest GL rules for wind power generation, and the performance of these gearboxes is at the world advanced level. The 3MW gearboxes for half-direct PMSG which were developed earlier by NGC have started operation in full load at the beginning of 2010, and have been running in good condition after operation under various nature conditions in the past four seasons.

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