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The 8th Workers’ Congress of the Group Company was Held Successfully

Published: 2011-01-23


The 8th Workers’ Congress of the Group Company was held successfully on 22 Jan, 2011. Mr. Hu Yueming, the President and General Manager of the Group Company, Mr. Jin Maoji, the General Secretary of the Group Company attended this Congress, Mr. Yao Jingsheng, the Chairman of Group’s Labor Union did work report.

The congress commended the Top 10 NGC Star in 2010, that included Chen Yijia, Gao Jingyi, He Jian, He Zi`ang, Hua Zhuzhong, Long Chenglin, Wang Hanmin, Wang Pingping, Zhang Qi, Zhou Wei, and other people who obtained the title of Electro Mechanical Industry Group Advanced Individual that included Hou Daquan, Liu Jinling, Weichi Wenjie, Xie Peiyi.

The Chairman of the Group’s Labor Union Mr. Yao Jingsheng reported to all the delegations about the work in 2010 and financial situations. Mr. Hu said the Group’s situation in various ways were much better than that in 2009. We faced challenges and achieved good results in 2010. It made solid foundations for the development of our company in 2011. Mr. Hu also distributed working tasks in 6 aspects. First, to stabilize and explore the market we have owned; Second, to grasp the second venture; Third, to establish product maintenance company; Forth, to prepare for domestic IPO; Fifth, to strengthen internal management; Sixth, to be united and harmonious and concern about our staffs. He pointed out that NGC is a happy collective. We should combine with others, help each other and develop together. Only if we do this, we can be confident for our future.

Mr. Jin Maoji also expressed his congratulations for the success of the Congress and raised three requests for the work in the new year. First, to seek common understanding to push the second venture; Second, to take human as essentials and build balanced enterprise; Third, to be united and bring the workers’ congress into play. Mr. Jin hoped that all the delegations will consider the congress as a report meeting, or even a mobilization meeting. Let’s bring forward the corporate spirit of climbing up the summit step by step, striving after the perfection bit by bit, welcome the 90th birthday of our Party with our great achievement.

  ( Full Shot of the Congress)

(President Hu was making a speech)

(Top Ten NGC Star)

(Electro Mechanical Industry Group Advance Individual)

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