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NGC Gained 29 National Patents in 2010

Published: 2011-01-28


Till December 31st, 2010, NGC has gained 119 national patents, among which, 29 patents were newly granted in 2010. In addition, another 42 patents had been applied for the approval.

The scope of the new patents covers wind power transmission equipment, railway transportation equipment, marine propulsion system, construction transmission equipments, metallurgy transmission equipment, transmission equipment for coal machinery and electromechanical devices, and so on.

Continuous Innovation and Self-surpassing - from manufacturing process, components to whole package

29 new patents in 2010 not only referred to the complete machine, but also involved the components and manufacturing process.

Aiming to the market requirement, NGC has put forward new technical solution, such as patents for utility model-“center drive planetary gearbox for cement mill”. Comparing with the traditional center drive mill reducer, it is characteristic of compactness, big transmission ratio, stable load supporting, etc.

Committed to its motto “Climb up the summit step by step, Strive for perfection bit by bit “, NGC has never stopped the innovation and perfection of the components. To take the invention patent for thrust bearing in 2010 for an example, it brings forward a new thrust bearing solution to solve problems existed in the traditional thrust bearing of vertical mill reducer, such as bad cooling effect, high temperature, difficult to form oil film, easy to burn and not good for the normal operation, etc.

What’s more, NGC has been focusing on improving and perfecting the manufacturing process, so as to ensure the good and stable quality. Take for example the invention patent 2010 “setting method for a shaft component during the gear shaping”, NGC applies the axial-radial double setting method to realize the gear shaping of output shaft of extruding gearbox used in rubber and plastic machinery, meanwhile, it has improved the manufacturing accuracy and the electrode availability of traditional electric spark.

From each aspect of manufacturing, NGC has guaranteed its advanced product technology and quality with its advantages, industry experience and corporate spirits.

A century old enterprise should be founded on continuous innovation

Recently, Mr. Hu Yueming, the chairman and general manager of NGC has put forward the slogan of Second Venture, and the company has already gained excellent achievement in wind turbine, marine and railway transportation area, which make NGC products larger, more diversified and modern.

NGC has set up the promoting mechanism. A new achievement appraisal is held every year in the company to encourage and reward the outstanding employees in management, R&D and production. In addition, the company will grant the title “NGC Star” to the excellent employees of different posts.  

Lean Management is implemented in the whole company, and becomes the enterprise culture, which is embedded into the heart of every employee. The expansion of products scope, technical innovation and quality perfection make NGC a member of international market, and to realize the dream of NGC to become a century old enterprise.

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