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The Results of National Machinery Industry Selection of Outstanding Workshop and Outstanding Workshop Director in 2010 was Announced

Published: 2011-02-28


On 27 Jan, 2011, the results of the National Machinery Industry Selection of Outstanding Workshop and Outstanding Workshop Director was Announced in Beijing. It was organized by China Machinery Industry Federation and China Machinery Industry Enterprise Management Association. Several workshops from the subsidiaries of the Group including the No. 2 Workshop of China High Speed Gear Manufacturing Co., Ltd, the heat treatment workshop of Nanjing High Speed & Accurate Gear (Group) Co., Ltd and the assembly workshop of Nanjing Gaote Gearbox Manufacturing Co., Ltd won the title of the Outstanding Workshop of 2010 Annual Machinery Industry. Mr. Wang Jiabin, Mr. Zhu Baizhi and Ms. Yang Qifeng won the title of Outstanding Workshop Director.

The workshop is a very important base of the modernized management project in machinery industry. The workshop director is a important character in enterprise operation organization among the management team. Both the workshop and the workshop director occupy a unique position and play an important role in revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry. 35 outstanding workshop directors and 37 workshops were selected by China Machinery Industry Enterprise Management Association from the application materials according to related standards.

The awarded groups and person have been devoting themselves to the production line and searching for better management methods, and have become the first mover and implementer of enterprise scientific management. They strengthen the control and management of procedures and quality, make technical innovation, cut down the production cost and implement new technology into production. They also cultivate professional technical and multi-skilled personnel. Further more, they attach importance to the workshop culture, promote excellent enterprise culture and create harmonious production atmosphere. They have made their contributions to the company and are the examples of all of us who are standing in the line of machinery industry.

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