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NGC Won the Title of Grade A Enterprise of Quality Credit in Jiangsu Province

Published: 2011-03-23


According to the requirement of Jiangsu Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau and Jiangsu Society Credit System Construction Leadership Office, and per the notice of enterprise quality credit rating work, Nanjing High Accurate Drive Equipment Manufacturing Group Co., Ltd. (“NGC”), with the support from each sectors of each subsidiaries, won the title of Grade A Enterprise of Quality Credit in Jiangsu Province.

Enterprise quality credit evaluation is to analyze the ability of an enterprise to abide by the national laws and rules of quality and guarantee for the quality, so as to make a fair evaluation to the quality credit grade of the enterprise. The quality credit is rated by four grades, Grade A, Grade B, Grade C and Grade D.

Enterprise quality credit evaluation is an important part of the enterprise society credit evaluation report and has veto power, which means that if the valuation score can not reach 70% of the total score, the enterprise can not declare to Grade A enterprise. And the evaluation results will become an important reference of several issues including enterprise name-brand certification, quality award evaluation, production license annual verification, tendering and biding, technology project fund declaration, investment project approving,  credit financing, financial funds audit and distribution, product exportation and Customs clearance, etc.

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