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NGC Ningjia Company speeds up to expand the international market

Published: 2011-08-31


In May, 2011, Ningjia Electromechanical Co., Ltd (Ningjia Company), a wholly owned subsidiary of Nanjing High Accurate Transmission Equipment Manufacturing Group Co., Ltd (“NGC”) delivered the first XSM270 main gearbox for internal batch mixer to BRISA, a Turkey company. At the moment, this gearbox was put into use after the installation and commissioning and has been running very well. This is the first step for Ningjia Company to enter into the international market.

In recent years, Ningjia Company has done a lot of innovation in technology, equipment and management, and its products have been approved by most of the clients in rubber & plastic industry. The domestic market occupancy is beginning to increase dramatically, which becomes the good back up for Ningjia to open the international market.

The XSM270 gearbox for internal batch mixer is a high accurate & heavy duty gearbox with hard tooth flank. It is already a mature series product of Ningjia Company. They adopt the parallel cylindrical gear for transmission. The input shaft is coupled with and driven by the electric motor, through the reduction gear and the gears between the double output shafts and the power dividing, and the power is passed to the rotor shaft of internal batch mixer through the coupling, in this way, the rotor is moved to make the rubber.

BRISA is one of the largest tyre and rubber products manufacturers in Turkey, and they have more than 10 internal batch mixers whose main gearboxes need to be changed. Therefore, they pay lots of attention to the products of XSM270 gearbox. They sent Mr. Omer, the chief general inspector to check on the gearbox before delivery. He expressed that the R & D capability, equipments and employees quality impressed him deeply and he was quite confident about the products produced by this team.

A few days ago, Ningjia Company just signed a series of contracts with Kobe Steel, a leading manufacturer of internal batch mixer in Japan. Meanwhile, the both parties reached an agreement about co-developing the XSM620 main gearbox for large internal batch mixer. This is a new step for Ningjia Company, and all Ningjia people will work harder to improve the manufacturing process and technology and promote the popularity and credit of the enterprise, so as to broaden our international market and make a famous NGC brand in the world.

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