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Vice President of TATA Group visited NGC

Published: 2011-09-19

     Mr HRIDAYESHWAR, vice President of Indian Tata Group and his party, visited Nanjing High Speed & Accurate Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of NGC On September 15, 2011. This party was accompanied by Mr Wucun, the director of Mitsubishi and Hitachi and Vice President of business agency in Hiroshima.

(The picture of TATA group and NGC management)

Mr. Chen Yongdao, the general manager and the other NGC relevant management warmly received the guests from India and Japan. As a start, Mr HRIDAYESHWAR briefly introduced Tata Group, he said that Tata Group is the largest business group in India,owning totally 28 listed companies,. The market capitalization is over $ 78 billion, covering many areas such as steel, automobile, electric power, telecommunications, aviation and so on. The total revenue between 2010-2011 is $ 83.5 billion, of which 57.8% was the business outside the Indian. Under the recommendation and the trust of Mitsubishi, they chose NGC as their equipments manufacturers. He was very pleased that Tata Group can cooperate with NGC.

Mr Chen Yongdao introduced the general situation of NGC, the outstanding achievements for the recent years, and the cooperation relationship with the world’s leading companies, especially with Mitsubishi. He said that NGC is recognized as the leading company in the gear industry in China and has accumulated the experience of technical process and quality control for more than 40 years. NGC people are fully confident to deliver quality products to Tata.

Whereafter, Mr HRIDAYESHWAR visited the workshops of Nanjing High Speed & Accurate Co., Ltd, he was very satisfied with the site management and the advanced equipements. He considered that Tata Group would cooperate with NGC in more fields in the future.

(Mr HRIDAYESHWAR visited the worksite of High Accurate Company ( the first from left above : Mr. Chen Yongdao, general manager of High Accurate Company , the second from left: Mr. HRIDAYESHWAR ,Vice President fromTata Group))

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