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The products ordered by Taiwan LongSteel have passed their test

Published: 2011-10-09


On October 6, 2011, Mr. Yang Yilin and Mr. Chen Xinli, engineers from Taiwan LongSteel, came to visit Nanjing High Speed & Accurate Gear (Group) Co., Ltd. (“High Accurate Company”), and set up a meeting for testing the products ordered by them.

Under the coordination of relative department, the inspection went through quite well. All tested parameters including tooth surface hardness, carburized layer depth, ultrasonic flaw detection, gear meshing, etc. were up to the standard.. After that, they visited the production site, accompanied by Mr. Chen Liguo and Mr. Guo Yukang, both are vice general manager of High Accurate Company. Both of them were greatly impressed by the equipment capacity and site management. In the summing up meeting, Mr. Yang Yilin said that in 2009, NGC,  supplied to Taiwan LongSteel a herringbone- pattern hot rolling pinion stand through Mitsubishi-Hitachi, which was believed to be the same level as international advanced technology and quality based on its excellent performance. This test though was a routine test, and happened to be in National Holiday, still it was treated with high attention. Longsteel expressed that NGC is trustworthy and hoped  the cooperation between both parties could be in a longer and deeper term.

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