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NGC MLXSS360 TWO-stage planetary vertical mill reducer passed the new products appraisement

Published: 2011-10-19


On October 15th, China Construction Material Union convened the new products appraisal meeting of MLXSS360 TWO-stage planetary vertical mill reducer manufactured by Nanjing High Accurate Gear Group Co., Ltd (“High Accurate Company”). The attended experts were from Wuhan University of Technology, Sinoma Powder Technology Equipment Co., Ltd (Tianjin), Sinoma International Nanjing Cement Research & Design Institute, Chengdu Construction Material Research & Design Institute, Hefei Cement Research & Design, Construction Machinery Association and famous domestic Cement Groups.

Conference scene

In the conference, Mr. Chen Liguo, the vice general manager of High Accurate Company made a simple introduction of the research process of MLXSS360 two-stage planetary vertical mill reducer and the future development of new products. Mr. Yang Bing, director of building material Department, and engineer Mr. Liu Yang made a detailed work report, research report, social economic benefit and User report to the committee.

According to the above situation, the clients’ feedback and field investigation, the committee was of opinion that the main features and innovations of the new product are: a. the structure of this gearbox is able to improve the uniform load effect and reliability of the large vertical mill reducer through the double stage planetary transmission, uniform load system and control system; b. self designed two-stage crowned gear structure increases the torque transmission by30%~50% compared to the flexible coupling; c. the good floatation is able to avoid the risk of rupture; d. self designed metal spring plastic thrust bearing is very safe and highly enhance the bearing capacity and durableness of unit area. At last, the committee all agreed that MLXSS360 two-stage planetary vertical mill reducer had high performance-price ratio, good market, and outstanding social and economic benefit, and its complete performance reached the international advanced level.

MLXSS360 two-stage planetary vertical mill reducer is the key equipment on the new type dry cement production line. The success of this reducer is a landmark in cement industry, which not only upgrades the cement equipment, but also establishes the foundation for the R & D of 5400Kw two-stage planetary vertical mill reducer(MLXSS540)for larger cement production line and to realized NGC designing philosophy “ Have what they do not have, upgrade when they all have”.

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