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NGC developed the 5.5MW pitch & yaw gearboxes successfully developed

Published: 2011-12-12


Recently, Nanjing High Speed Gear Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the subsidiary of Nanjing High Accurate Drive Equipment Manufacturing Group Co., Ltd. (“NGC”) delivered a suit of 5.5MW pitch & yaw gearbox including 8 sets of yaw gearboxes and 3 sets of pitch gearboxes. It was another development of large power pitch & yaw gearbox after the delivery of 6MW pitch & yaw gearbox in the end of last month.

Absorbing the advanced NGC learnt from the experience of from the famous foreign companies in producing the pitch & yaw gearbox, , NGC applied the latest GL wind power turbine certification in design, rational floating part, backlash control technology and advanced tooth profile and edge modification technology into our own designing and manufacturing according to the latest GL wind power turbine certification. It realized the distributed load of multiple-planetary transmission. The weight, volume and combination property of the complete machine all have reached the world class level.

NGC is the leading manufacture of wind power transmission equipment. The capacity in wind sector in 2010 reached to 9000MW, ranking as the first in the world. The annual supply of pitch & yaw gearbox reached to ten thousands of sets, and most of them were exported. The delivery quantity for GE Energy in US in 2011 was over a thousand of suits. This time, the successful development of 5.5MW and 6MW pitch & yaw gearbox symbolized a new landmark for NGC in the way of manufacturing of large power pitch & yaw gearbox. It is also a solid foundation for the batch production of this type of product.  

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