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LU’AN CHEMICAL GROUP Delegation Conducts Survey and Exchange with NGC

Published: 2024-05-13


On May 10, a delegation from the LU’AN CHEMICAL GROUP conducted a survey and technical exchange session with NGC, under the leadership of Wang Zhiqing, President and Secretary of the Group’s Party Committee. The Executive Director of the China High Speed Transmission Equipment Group Co., Ltd. and Principal Consultant of NGC Group, Hu Yueming, welcomed the delegation together with other senior management members.

President Wang Zhiqing, headed the visiting delegation in inspecting the Chinese Transmission Hall and received a true experience of the history of NGC. The group then personally inspected the lean production management system in the gear honing and boring shop, the gear grinding shop, the gear measuring room and the assembly shop.

Wang Zhiqing spoke highly of NGC’s values and overall strength: “NGC is the pride of the Chinese nation”. It sets a good example in business management! The delegation was keenly aware of NGC’s lean management culture and was eager to increase cooperation opportunities.

Hu Yueming said that an enterprise can only stay vigorous and competitive through continuous improvement. NGC not only advances with the times and innovates closely around the latest national policies on “carbon dioxide emissions, carbon neutrality, old for new services, and new quality productivity”, but also constantly optimizes its costs, always serving its customers under the premise of quality, and thus enjoying a huge market potential.

Coal is the ballast stone of national energy, and the coal chemical industry is an important part of China’s national energy strategy. NGC is looking forward to contributing to the development of the industry together with LU’AN CHEMICAL GROUP through mutual strategic support.

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