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NGC Launches Professional User Training Program to Improve Operation and Maintenance Efficiency of Wind Turbine Gearboxes

Published: 2024-01-19


In response to the rapidly growing customer demand for wind energy gearbox training, NGC has launched a new series of user training programs, and in January 2024, the first training session was held at the Baotou Base. Entitled “special training for endoscope detection”, this formed part of our professional training program. Content covered the structures of wind energy gearboxes and transmission chains, common faults and handling methods for wind energy gearboxes, sealing mechanisms and structures, and theoretical teaching and practical applications of endoscope operation. The training session ensured that every participant could master the basic skills of using endoscopes in various types of gearboxes, thus gaining confidence in the steps required for endoscope operation and wind energy gearbox inspection, and further improving the quality of daily inspections.

Theory classes, communication and discussion

The professional gearbox training session is a useful way for us to provide value-added services to all gearbox users and improve their ability to solve and analyze problems. The professional training courses include standard content such as basic training and advanced training, but also special courses such as endoscope and vibrometer training. These cover various aspects of theoretical knowledge, operation and maintenance, and practical operation of gearboxes. The purpose of the training sessions is to equip wind farm operation and maintenance staff with the right on-site service capabilities, ensuring the proper operation of wind turbine gearboxes and reducing power loss in production in a timely and effective manner.

Adhering to the concept of “Combining Prevention and Treatment”, NGC will continue to launch new training sessions to pass on the company’s knowledge and expertise, contributing its strength to improving the capabilities of wind power industry employees. (Liu Chaohui)

On-site teaching and practical operation

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