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The Nanjing High Speed & Accurate Gear (Group) Co., Ltd. Supplier Quality Academy Opens a Path of High-quality Development

Published: 2023-10-12


In the golden autumn of September, the Supplier Quality Academy of the Nanjing High Speed & Accurate Gear (Group) Co., Ltd., an industrial business subsidiary of NGC Group, was officially launched at the company’s multi-media training classroom. Quality personnel from 48 raw materials, parts and component suppliers participated in the activity to explore how to improve the overall quality of the supply chain.

During this activity, Ding Yuanxing, general manager of the Nanjing High Speed & Accurate Gear (Group) Co., Ltd., elaborated the relationship NGC has with its suppliers and clients, and emphasized that the three parties should devise a mutually beneficial strategy in the face of today’s grim economic landscape. He emphasized the importance of supplier product quality to NGC and asked suppliers to deliver products according to the company’s requirements.

Rui Lixin, deputy general manager, proposed the goal of the “Four Zeros” to all attendees: zero credit problems, zero serious/batch quality problems, zero repeated problems, and zero implementation problems. He pointed out that “doing the thing right the first time round will better allow us to realize our vision for the best quality, the highest efficiency, the lowest cost and the greatest benefit.”

Senior manager Luo Jianxiang said that suppliers’ product quality had a direct impact on the quality, delivery and cost of NGC’s products. He called on all suppliers to fully understand NGC’s demands, internalize the requirements in their hearts and externalize the requirements in their actions.

To heated applause, general manager Ding Yuanxing announced that the NGC Supplier Quality Academy was now officially opened, signaling NGC’s intention to further strengthen communication and cooperation with its suppliers and improve the quality of the supply chain.

This activity also included four quality-related training courses, namely NGC Supplier Expectations, Do it Right the First Time with Regular Process Management, Production Part Approval Procedure (PPAP) and Solutions to Quality Problems.

Through this activity, the Nanjing High Speed & Accurate Gear (Group) Co., Ltd. further strengthened its cooperation with suppliers, providing them with a platform for learning and improvement in their joint efforts to pursue high-quality development.

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