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The First NGC · Kinetic Coal Customer Activity Day

Published: 2023-09-26


In September 2023, the First NGC · Kinetic Coal Customer Activity Day, convened by the Nanjing High Speed & Accurate Gear (Group) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of NGC Group, came to a successful conclusion. This activity focused on industry hotspots, deepening exchanges and cooperation between both sides, and was centered on a technical seminar and a friendly basketball match.

Jointly Seeking Industry Development

The General Manager of the NGC’s Standard Gearbox Business Unit, Mr. Zhu Jinguo, led the sales team to visit Kinetic Coal, holding a joint seminar with its leaders such as President Li Bo, General Manager Li Yuncheng, and Deputy General Manager Li Yinlou, Head of the Dafanpu Coal Mine. During the seminar, they discussed the prospects and development of the coal industry, with particular attention paid to the current gearbox situation. The NGC delegation showed a number of innovative products specifically designed for the coal industry, and described effective applications and solutions by means of case studies. The aim was to show the “carefree”, efficient services NGC can provide to Kinetic Coal.

Experiencing Green Development through a Field Visit

After the seminar, the NGC delegation visited the reclamation area of the Dafanpu Coal Mine and experienced the actual results of coal mine transformation and development. They witnessed the expansion of apple orchards, vineyards, a chateau and other industries at first hand, and deeply understood the development concept that “Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”.

Deepening Friendship through a Friendly Basketball Match

At the end of the event, a friendly basketball match was held. Though the match was intense and stimulating, the two sides competed according to the principle of “Friendship first, competition second”, not only showing their skills, but also improving their mutual understanding and friendship.

The First NGC · Kinetic Coal Customer Activity Day was a complete success, and symbolized further cooperation between the two sides in the future. Both parties hoped to act in closer cooperation and strengthen business exchanges in order to jointly attain sustainable development.

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