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NGC’s New Generation of Yaw Drives with Overload Protection

Published: 2023-01-05


With its “carbon peaking and neutrality” goals and the call for the establishment of a modern energy system, China has explicitly encouraged enterprises to speed up the large-scale and high-quality development of wind energy. Yaw drives are a key component of wind driven generators, and for various reasons, overload has been a common problem (for example, under abnormal wind conditions), often resulting in mechanical failure. This not only represents a high cost for customers when replacing parts and components, but also leads to a huge waste of electricity due to prolonged shutdowns.

According to the demands of the wind energy industry for wind energy yaw systems, and in order to boost the development of the industry, NGC has been devoted to research and exploration for many years. The company has always been in search of the best system solution, abandoning the simple product design thinking of “motor plus gearbox” and focusing on the overall system of “motor, gearbox, slewing bearing and brake system”. As a result, the company has managed to develop a “new generation of yaw drives with overload protection”. This has passed the rigorous testing and certification requirements of renowned energy enterprises and certification companies in Europe, fully reflecting the NGC product philosophy of “greenness, reliability, and added value”.

New generation NGC yaw drive with overload protection


Based on advanced calculation and simulation technology, gear parameter optimization techniques, integrated parts and component design, and light design and topological optimization for structural parts, the maximum torque density of the yaw gearbox can reach 300N.m/kg. The product is both light and small.


Guided by the FMEA system, and based on big data gathered from more than 500,000 pitch & yaw products developed by NGC over the past 20 years or so and currently operating around the world, the product has undergone accurate structural design of both parts and components. Strength and reliability have been exhaustively simulated, with all raw materials strictly controlled, along with the thermal treatment and machining processes. The product has also passed rigorous testing for dynamic and static strength, rigidity, efficiency, fatigue life, low temperature and reliability, thus ensuring its reliability throughout the entire life cycle.

Added Value

The new generation of overload protection technology designed and developed by NGC enables the yaw drive to unload automatically after suffering an overload. After automatic unloading, the yaw system will not become stuck, thus protecting all major parts and components and the slewing bearing in the yaw motor and gearbox from damage. This greatly reduces the product’s operating and maintenance costs, and improves system reliability, prolonging the maintenance cycle and lowering maintenance costs.

The product was developed based on the modular product platform (MPP) independently developed by NGC, with a high universality of parts and components. This platform can guarantee a super short cycle from “sample development to finished product delivery”, leading to significant savings in product development and testing costs.

NGC boasts optimized design technology for the yaw and transmission train systems, and can help customers develop and optimize their transmission solutions, so as to achieve the best setting for yaw drive specifications and quantity, as well as the optimum parameters for slewing bearing, thus effectively lowering the cost of the entire yaw system.

NGC’s “new generation yaw drive with overload protection” at a user assembly line

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