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Efficient recovery of residual steam pressure - The NGC 71,000rpm air compressor gearbox successfully put into operation

Published: 2022-10-13


NGC’s high-speed integrated gear unit for an 71,000rpm air compressor project was recently put into operation in a power plant in Zhejiang Province, with all required performance indicators (including temperature, vibration and noise) meeting the expected design requirements.

User site and control system

Efficient recovery of residual steam pressure

The input of the integrated gear unit uses a centripetal turbine, with a two-stage small air compressor at the output. The impellers of the centripetal turbine and the air compressor are hung on the input and output shafts (double shaft extension) of the gear unit, respectively, forming an integrated structure. The small flow residual steam pressure is directly converted into oil-free high-quality compressed air through the device, ensuring its efficient recovery and utilization at the user side.

Meeting 500 ℃ high temperature operating conditions, ensuring ultra-high speed operation at 71,000rpm

The speed of the centripetal turbine driven by the integrated gear unit is 30,240rpm, with an operating temperature up to 500 ℃, and a compressor speed for the working unit of 71,000rpm. Dynamic optimization is used as a creative means of solving the difficulty of ultra-high input and output speeds, and the stable operation of the transmission mechanism is ensured through heat resistance and thermal insulation technology. This overcomes the impact of high temperatures on the gear case at the input side, laying a solid foundation for the Company's product development under ultra-high speed and ultra-high temperature conditions.

The above diagram shows the NGC 71,000rpm air compressor gear case

Effective progress in localization of gear transmission devices for centrifugal compressors

Centrifugal compressors, especially small centrifuges, are now widely used in the industry thanks to their low long-term operating costs, energy conservation and environmental friendliness, and their scope of application is constantly expanding. Iron and steel, petrochemicals, electric power, shipbuilding and automobiles are the main industries, accounting for 76% of total demand for small air compressors.

More than 95% of small domestic centrifugal compressors on the market depend on imports. The successful development of the ultra-high speed integrated gear unit marks a great breakthrough for NGC in terms of R&D and manufacturing strength. Via cooperation with advanced centrifugal compressor and expander manufacturers at home and abroad, NGC can provide users with more efficient and reliable gear transmission devices in this field.

Contributions to carbon neutrality

As integral toothed compressors and expanders are widely used in the energy recovery and energy storage industries, the successful application of NGC devices will make further contributions to national carbon neutrality and emissions peak goals.

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