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NGC’s “Permanent Magnet-Gear Drive System” successfully put into Operation

Published: 2022-09-28


As national environmental protection policies become increasingly rigorous, energy conservation and carbon reduction goals in high energy-consuming industries such as metallurgy, building materials, petrochemicals and electric power have become a key focus of all businesses. Whether large corporations or small and medium-sized enterprises, they have all begun to carry out targeted technical transformation and equipment upgrading.

Due to the technological progress made in domestic permanent magnet materials in recent years, these products have developed rapidly, boasting higher efficiency and better energy-saving performances. However, in their promotion and application, the deficiencies of direct permanent magnet drives has become especially evident, in particular for belt conveyors, lifts, roller presses and other low-speed high-power equipment with rotation speeds below 100rpm. If permanent magnet direct drive technology is used, the motor will become very large and heavy, leading to high lifting and installation costs. In some cases, the motor may be too large and too heavy to be lifted and installed.

Guided by our strategy of shifting from transmission to drives, and based on extensive market research, NGC has blazed a trail in the development of permanent magnet direct drive technology with its “permanent magnet and gear drive systems”.

The “permanent-gear drive system” developed by NGC has abandoned the traditional structure of “asynchronous motor, coupler and gearbox”, and adopted an integrated electromechanical structure that combines a permanent magnet motor and gears, in order to effectively improve the reliability of the products, reduce the weight of the drive system, simplify equipment maintenance, especially for key equipment such as cement lifts, solving management pain points for high altitude equipment.

Since the release of the new PTC ASIA 2021, the equipment has been successfully used in lift drives of a number of different cement enterprises, all of which have been running smoothly for nearly half a year. The product is far superior to traditional asynchronous motor-gearbox systems in terms of efficiency, temperature rise and vibration, and has been well received by end-users.

NGC’s “permanent magnet-gear drive system” at customer site

Based on the company’s product concept of “reliability, efficiency, greenness and added value”, NGC’s “permanent magnet-gear drive system” has combined the high efficiency of the permanent magnet motor, the high torque density ratio of the gear transmission, and the intelligent control of variable frequency systems, creating the product of choice for energy-saving factory power transmission solutions.


The system uses medium-speed transmission, allowing for lower temperature rises and vibrations. The product has undergone harsh working condition tests before being shipped out of the factory; these tests include steady speed test under torque fluctuations, low speed and high torque start-up test, and overload and over-speed thermal balance test. In a loaded state, the system vibration values lie within 1mm / s.


The system adopts an integrated electromechanical structure, which effectively shortens the transmission chain and reduces energy losses. At the same time, the medium-speed permanent magnet motor is used to drive the system, enabling high energy efficiency, low stirring oil loss, and coupler-free transmission loss. The system’s efficiency is higher than 94%, 10% -12% higher than that of the “asynchronous motor-gearbox” system.


Under the same application conditions of power and load, the weight of the “bucket lift permanent magnet-gear drive system” is decreased by more than 30% compared with the asynchronous motor-gearbox system, greatly reducing product consumables. The system is highly efficient, providing significant power savings.

Added Value

The integration of the new system has made it convenient for users to carry out assembly, disassembly and maintenance. The system is equipped with a variable frequency control system, which can adjust the operating speed of the equipment in real time based on actual production capacity demands, so that the operating parameters of the equipment can match the process requirements and create new value for the customers.

Above: NGC’s “permanent magnet-gear drive system”

Application prospects

The “permanent magnet-gear drive system” can drive bucket lifts, belt conveyors, chemical mixers, and crew extrusion equipment, which are widely used in industries such as cement and building materials, coal mines, grains, chemicals, rubber and plastic, with a variety of promising application prospects.

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