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Outstanding Rolling Mill Delivers Another Brilliant Performance

Published: 2022-09-14


The Bensteel 1700 production line is an “outstanding rolling mill”. Of the existing hot rolling production lines of Bensteel Group, it was the earliest to be put into operation and has run for the longest period of time. It is a hot rolling production line that was designed, manufactured and installed entirely within China. In October 2020, Bensteel Group carried out its fifth upgrade and transformation project on the line. After the upgrade, its production capacity increased to 3.8 million tons / year. The double helical gear seat independently developed by NGC was used again as part of the project.

(Source: Bensteel Group’s official website)

The fifth upgrade project was expected to take 27 days. NGC responded quickly by delivering the 175 ton gear seat as scheduled. The limit specifications had been enhanced by 1-2 levels compared with the specifications used before the upgrade, and the rolling cycle distance increased by 53.85%, highlighting the strength of NGC in the field of steel plate hot rolling.

So far, the production line has been running steadily for nearly two years since upgrade, during which the historical record of daily rolling volumes for the production line has been broken many times over. This “outstanding rolling mill" displays great vitality and continues to deliver brilliant performances, leaving its own mark in the development history of Bensteel Group.

NGC and Bensteel Group have been in close cooperation for more than 30 years. The three production lines of its steel plate hot rolling plants, the 1700, 1880 and 2300, have all installed NGC’s rolling mill series products, highlighting the high recognition and complete trust that Bensteel has in NGC.

We will continue to provide steel enterprise users with high-quality, reliable and internationally competitive transmission solutions and services, including gearbox status online monitoring and predictive maintenance based on diagnostic results, thus effectively improving the flexibility of production lines, providing a stronger basis for business decisions, and making a greater contribution to promoting the progress of the metallurgical industry.

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