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The Zhangbei Wind Lights up Beijing

Published: 2022-01-26


Recently, Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian announced at a press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that 26 venues at the three competition areas of the Beijing Winter Olympics would have the unprecedented feature of being 100% supplied by green energy. “Just as Chairman Samaranch said, one of the biggest characteristics of the 2022 games is ‘Going Green and Environmental Protection’.”

“The Zhangbei Wind Lights up Beijing”

China’s “Green Winter Olympics” is aimed at not only fulfilling the nation's “dual carbon” commitment, but also at offering Chinese solutions, wisdom and contributions for handling healthy, sustainable relations between mankind and nature.

As the saying goes, “The Zhangbei wind blows from spring to winter”. The state built the Zhangbei Renewable Energy Sources demonstration project to convert wind energy into clean power, combining it with the Jibei power grid and transmitting power to the Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou competition areas.

“Electric power lights up both the Olympic venues and the lamps of myriad families in Beijing. This story is called, ‘The Zhangbei Wind lights up Beijing’,” said Zhao.

Zhangbei wind turbines drive NGC gearboxes

As part of this “green power” that lights up Beijing, the Zhangjiakou 1,200 MW renewable energy source project of the Jingneng Group is one of the supporting clean energy source demonstration projects for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. These include the Zhangbei Haojiaying 100 MW wind power project jointly built by Yunda and the Jingneng Group.

Picture source: Yunda

The project uses Yunda's latest 3.6 MW and 4.5 MW intelligent wind turbines, which can make efficient use of local wind energy resources and offer more than 300,000MWH of clean energy per year. However, some of the major components of these intelligent wind turbines – the wind energy main gearboxes - were developed by NGC.

This series of gearboxes is the brand new generation of standardized, modular StanGearTM products, which can handle power of 3MW-4.5MW with no additional footprint, thus greatly reducing user’s manufacturing costs per KWH. The 3.6MW wind energy main gearbox used in the Zhangbei Haojiaying project is the first product to be created using this new platform, and can fully satisfy user needs while continuously transmitting clean power to Beijing.

Green power and green manufacturing

Based on the fair-price competition trend within the wind energy market, NGC has fully considered the needs of domestic and overseas wind energy fields, and integrated its operating experience of more than 90,000 gearboxes through a continuous process of improvement and innovation. It has now developed the brand new generation of StanGearTM platform products using the latest technologies, while adhering to the green design philosophy of “standardization, modularization and platform serialization”.

Featuring higher environmental sustainability, reliability, transmission efficiency, torque and density, this series of products has been widely used in domestic and overseas projects, creating even better value for customers. They are able to significantly shorten the product development cycle, improve product reliability, and reduce manufacturing and life-cycle operation and maintenance costs.

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics is about to open. As a backbone of the wind energy industry, NGC will continue to practice its corporate mission of “Geared for a Better Future” to facilitate a “Green Olympics”, enabling the Zhangbei wind to light up Beijing. Meanwhile, the company will continue to drive high-quality development through innovation and make contributions to accelerating the country's national energy transformation and achieve its “dual carbon” target as soon as possible.

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CCTV (, Yunda

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