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Cooperating with the Development of the Industrial Chain to Guarantee Higher-quality Wind Energy Products——NGC Becomes a APQP4Wind Company Member

Published: 2021-09-15


As a single champion manufacturing enterprise (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, from 2017 to 2022) and the most influential enterprise in China’s gear industry (CGMA , 2019), NGC focuses on continuous innovation and investment in clean energy, low consumption and high efficiency. The global market share of the company’s wind turbine gearboxes has exceeded 30% for many years in a row. Now, more than 90,000 high-quality wind energy main gearboxes and 450,000 pitch gearboxes &yaw drives are operating stably in more than 30 countries around the world.

Superior performance resulting from continuous and efficient investment in innovation

The company focuses on customer demand, and is committed to the research and development of “high-power density, high reliability, light weight and marine application technology", as well as the forward-looking new technology of wind energy. The company has built both standard and specialized technology systems and established a core technology platform through cultivation of product technology from macro to micro. The company strictly implements its quality concept of “carrying forward the spirit of the craftsman and leading the quality benchmark” to guarantee the high-quality products and reliable operation for clean energy in thousands of households around the world.

Quality management at a preventive assurance level guarantees high-reliability products

The company has introduced advanced concepts and tools in the field of quality management, including zero defect management, FMEA preventive failure analysis, six sigma management, VDA6.3 process audit, and closed-loop RCA quality management. These have gradually formed the outstanding customer- focused NGC quality management system –NGCQS. The company ensures its development from five aspects: product reliability design, architecture and talent construction, customer-focused, quality control of full manufacturing process and supplier quality management. In this way, NGC can achieve total quality management at preventive assurance level. In addition, the company has established a sound customer quality service channel and network, and created the IoT cloud platform for health monitoring and diagnosis of GearSight gearboxes to realize high-quality closed-loop management for the full product life cycle.

Becoming a APQP4Wind Company Member

NGC has actively introduced APQP4WIND into its current quality management system, and has recently officially become a APQP4Wind Company Member. In this way, the company has further integrated the product development system, enhance participation and support of customers and suppliers in the product development process, and promote the cooperation of the company’s internal project teams, so that all the parties can achieve consistent goals, guarantee project delivery and quality and then enhance customer satisfaction.


The wind industry must continuously improve product quality in order to keep pace with the ongoing trend towards decreases in the Levelized Cost of Energy. . APQP4Wind came into being against this backdrop. APQP4WIND is a non-profitorganization founded by world-leading wind turbine manufacturers and suppliers, The APQP4Wind Manual released aims to make a process of product quality assurance demands (APQP) as well as product release process (PPAP) as clear as possible, thus reducing LCOE and risk in the entire supply chain.

APQP4WIND Forerunner in the field of gearboxes in China

Driven by the company’s zero-defect management concept, NGC sent a delegation to attend the first training course organized by APQP4Wind in Beijing as early as December 2017. Then, under the leadership of the company’s top management, NGC set up a APQP4Wind import project team and began internal preparations of implementation. The project team integrated NGC’s internal process files and forms with APQP4WindD. The company established a structured end-to-end product development system that oriented to its customer needs; this is followed by the company’s suppliers and connected with various teams and processes within NGC. Integrating the various process documents and forms within NGC with APQP4Wind, NGC then established structured end-to-end product development system orderly connecting customer, suppliers, and NGC's internal processes and teams.

At present, APQP4Wind Specialist and Management Awareness training certification has covered all functions and processes at NGC, including project management, design, procurement, production, and quality, laying a foundation for further application and promotion of APQP4Wind in NGC.

Implementation of APQP4WIND guarantees customer satisfaction

With the support of top management, NGC has actively and vigorously promoted the application of APQP4Wind in major key projects from European, American and domestic customers. . The facts have proved that the application of an integrated product development system based on APQP4Wind has improved participation and support of customers and suppliers in the product development process and promoted the cooperation of the company’s internal project teams. As a result, all parties have the same goal: to guarantee both project delivery and quality, and improve customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, the practical experience of APQP4Wind as implemented by NGC has improved and optimized the system in return, improving the overall maturity of the system.

Help suppliers implement APQP4Wind and promote the overall maturity of the entire wind supply chain

After accumulating experience in the implementation and practice of APQP4Wind within NGC, the company has actively taken the responsibility for promoting and helping lower-level suppliers to import APQP4Wind. NGC has organized experts to carry out training sessions for suppliers and help them make preparation work and promote the implementation in selected benchmarking projects. On the basis of helping its suppliers and improving their capabilities, NGC has achieved win-win results and ultimately promoted the maturity of the entire wind supply chain.


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