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Deeply Engaging In High-End Coal Mining Equipment – NGC’s Cutting Gearbox for Excavator-Anchor Machinery Hits the Market

Published: 2021-06-09


The combined excavator-anchoring unit is a new type of mechanized mining equipment designed to meet the rapidly advancing requirements of fully automated coal mines. This kind of machine can excavate, anchor and transport, all at the same time. In the past, the key technology and core components of this kind of equipment have always been the domain of foreign suppliers.

Overcoming difficulties - outstanding product performance

In response to the nation’s call for further research and development into intelligent mining technology, NGC actively set up a professional product team to overcome the existing obstacles. This was a two-year process, creating the design specifications, mastering the key technologies required, and successfully developing the mechanized excavator-anchor cutting gearbox. Its rated power is more than 315kW, with a transmission efficiency of more than 93.2%, a maximum pressure bearing capacity of the hydraulic oil circuit of more than 35Mpa, and an overall product performance that has now reached an internationally advanced level.

To date, the product has been successfully used in coal roadway excavation applications, where the roadway section quality has been excellent and the gearbox operation is stable. This outstanding product performance has been greatly respected by our customers.

Outstanding quality is a result of successive key technologies

Based on the advanced technology platform of the company’s industrial gearbox, the research and development into NGC’s cutting gearbox for excavator-anchor machinery makes full use of advanced technologies such as multi-object gear modification, optimized structural topology and lubrication system simulation.

This product is a direct result of NGC’s patented key technologies designed to solve the problems encountered in the development process. This includes deep hole machining technology for complex spatial locations, paired bevel gear processing technology for extended distance commissioning, high pressure oil seals, performance verification technology, and loading tests for multiple output gearboxes.

For many years, NGC has provided professional transmission solutions for numerous domestic engineering equipment manufacturers. The successful application of NGC’s cutting gearboxes for excavator-anchor machines marks the significant inroads NGC has made into the field of high-end mining equipment, and serves to further promotes the localization of intelligent machinery for coal mines.

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