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Striving for Excellence and Making Continuous Breakthroughs - NGC Launches Two Wind Energy Gearboxes for New Platforms

Published: 2024-02-19


As a leading demonstration enterprise in the manufacturing industry, NGC has focused on continuous innovation and investment in the fields of clean energy, low consumption and high efficiency for many years. To better support the development of large-scale onshore "Gobi and Desert" wind turbines and large-megawatt offshore wind turbines, the company has accelerated product development and launched two innovatively designed gearbox products: the 10MW front-end integrated 3P1H high-speed gearbox and the 20MW fully integrated transmission chain gearbox.

10MW front-end integrated 3P1H high-speed gearbox, focusing on "Gobi and Deserts"

Compared with traditional gearbox products, the 10MW front-end integrated 3P1H high-speed gearbox reaches a torque density of 230+ kNm/t, significantly improving product economy and competitiveness. It achieves a stable connection at the low-speed end through integrated rigid connection technology, which minimizes gearbox vibrations and noise levels. In addition, the new slip ring and integrated lubrication design greatly reduce the risk of oil leakage; the maintainability design solution specially developed for the front-end integrated structure improves both the convenience and economy of operation and maintenance.

20MW fully integrated transmission chain gearbox, opening a new chapter for offshore wind energy

The low-speed end and the motor end both feature a highly integrated design. Based on a multi-planet gear and sliding bearing design, the gearbox torque density reaches 230+ kNm/t, significantly improving the product's cost-effectiveness and market competitiveness. The new sealing structure greatly improves reliability and minimizes the risk of oil leakage. The overall maintainability design ensures graded maintenance of the transmission chain in the wind turbine nacelle.

This product received the "2023 Wind Energy Leader" award for best wind energy gearbox.

NGC, guided by technology and guaranteed by quality, continues to make breakthroughs. Adhering to the concept of being "innovation-driven and technology-led", we are committed to promoting the development of clean energy and strive to contribute to a greener future.

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