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Market Leading Orientation, Climbing New Peaks--NGC Debuted at the 2019 China International Coal Equipment Exhibition

Published: 2019-11-12


From October 30 - November 2, the Asian region’s largest coal equipment exhibition, the 18th China International Coal Mining Technology Exchange and Equipment Exhibition was held in Beijing. This exhibition attracted 640 companies from 19 countries and regions, and a professional audience of more than 100,000 people. This exhibition concentrately showed the new equipment, new products, and new technologies, new processes, new materials, etc due to coal science and technology progresses in recent years.

NGC participated in this coal industry event for the first time. The showed products covered many varieties and a wide application range, which closed to the user’s demands, and of great representativeness, attracting a large number of customers. NGC’s products were running successfully in the coal mine as early as 2002. It is just because of its good development foundation and application experience, although this is the first time appearance at the exhibition, but NGC’s professional insights into coal products, advanced R&D, and manufacturing capacity all obtained high recognition from industry customers, provoking droves of audience to come to booth for consulting.

Selected Items

Two exhibits with “Safety Certificate of Approval for Mining Products"

On this exhibition, ‘the JS1600 (MPS1100) scraper conveyor gearbox and MHB belt conveyor gearbox displayed by NGC were with “Safety Certificate of Approval for Mining Products" issued by the National Center for Mining Products Safety Approval and Certification. In particular, for the “Safety Certificate of Approval for Mining Products" of JS1600 coal scraper conveyor gearbox, NGC is one of the only two gearbox brands with this certificate, which fully demonstrated NGC’s powerful R&D manufacturing and testing ability.

JS1600 (MPS1100) Scraper Gearbox

The JS1600 (MPS1100) scraper conveyor gearbox is based on NGC’s series M industrial standard gearbox platform. At the same time, in view of the special working conditions in coal mines, NGC especially developed a brand-new generation of scraper conveyor gearbox products. Compared with domestic similar product, JS1600 (MPS1100) has smaller volume, product weight can be reduced by 10%-20%. Compared with the international similar products, JS1600 (MPS1100) is of the same capabilities, which can better adapt to the large angle installation, thin coal seam mining, and other requirements of harsh use in underground conditions. And, JS1600 (MPS1100) had passed the full tests, has a higher efficiency, longer life, and higher reliability and other obvious advantages, which provides a powerful guarantee for scraper conveyors’ safe and effective operations and the stability of coal mine production.

MHB Belt conveyor gearbox

MHB belt conveyor gearboxes adopt modular design, high precision hard tooth surface design and unique gear modification technology. They have a shorter delivery cycle, reliable quality, high load-bearing capacity, superior noise performance, various installation forms and other advantages, and can be widely applied onto the belt conveyors in the coal industry, crushers, and other transmission field, attracting numerous industry insiders to stop at the booth and consult to NGC staff for deeper understanding.

High-end parts “made by NGC”

Key parts of high-end imported coal equipment’s localization is the trend of the time. NGC exerted her rich experience in wind industry into the coal industry, and has done a lot of substantial work in the localization of the key imported parts, which just comply with the localization requirements of imported parts and components of the coal industry gearing. Reling on advanced testing instruments and rich experience in gear design and production, NGC coal industry products, under the prerequisite of use requirements, can realize the interchange with imported parts and the replacement of the complete machine, which can provide for coal industry customers with cost-effective localization solutions: such as excavators, coal cutters, scrapers, crushers and others.

Engineering Machinery Gearboxes

NGC’s walking, rotary and other engineering machinery gearboxes, integrated modular design with special design, have the advantages of compact structure and strong carrying capacity, which are applicable to all kinds of engineering machinery products in coal industry. The broad application space includes both underground mining, and strip mining.

The construction of a safe, efficient, green, and “intelligent” low-carbon mining is the direction of the coal industry development. As a provider of mining equipment transmission solutions, NGC will continue to be based on market demand, and customer demand for leading orientation, innovation-driven, to overcome difficulties and climb new peaks, in order to contribute more power for the promotion of industry progress and industry upgrading!

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