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NGC Appears at the CWP 2019 in Beijing to a Great Reception

Published: 2019-10-27


On October 22 to 24, 2019, the grand annual reunion of the domestic wind energy industry, the China Wind Power 2019, was held at the China International Exhibition Center (New Venue). The event attracted more than 600 companies, both equipment and accessories manufacturers. NGC was one of the star performers at the exhibition with its large MW platform wind energy gearboxes.

In order to adapt to recent market changes in the industry, and to eagerly lead the development of wind energy gearboxes, NGC exhibited its large MW platform main gearbox of 4.x MW, with a rated input torque of 4,400 kNm. This platform gearbox made full use of NGC’s years of experience in the early stages of product design. It passed all forms of verification for gear and structural calculation software, as well as all required factory tests. The technical specifications of the product can meet the requirements of numerous different certifying organizations and is highly reliable. In addition, this gearbox product boasts a shorter lead time and lower life cycle cost.

The yaw gearbox, and the variable propeller gearbox exhibited at the same time, can adapt to all manner of operating conditions on land, using the latest international standards and a modular design concept for the highest reliability. The products also feature high tech sealing materials for longer life cycles and ageing resistance. The speed ratio can be customized as a prerequisite for modular platform selection. The multi-stage planetary structure has the advantages of a compact structure and a strong bearing capacity. Gear modification technology was adopted, which also featured finite element intensity analysis, raising the product’s load bearing capabilities while simultaneously reducing vibrations and noise.

Nowadays, the trend in the wind energy industry in terms of both operation and maintenance is heading towards smart products and informatization. NGC is also developing in line with the times. In order to better serve its customers, NGC has introduced its gearbox informatization upgrade scheme, which includes an intelligent management App for transmission equipment, as well as the gearbox data diagnostics platform, which attracted great interest from visitors at the exhibition. These products can realize big data acquisition as well as information management of the products, providing customers with an integrated smart solution for optimized production, efficient management, and enhanced safety and profitability.

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