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Innovative NGC Products Debut at RubberTech China 2019

Published: 2019-09-29


Given the rapid development of the global auto industry and other industries, the market demand for rubber products has grown larger and larger. To integrate the extensive resources of the rubber product industry, enhance the company’s image, and promote product sales in both domestic and overseas markets, NGC’s rubber and plastic products participated in the “RubberTech China 2019” conference in Shanghai from the 18th to the 20th of September. This is also the third consecutive year that NGC’s rubber and plastic products have been featured at this exhibition.

Over many years of refining the exhibition experience, RubberTech China has become an important platform for companies in the industry to promote their brand and trade business. Thanks to the rapid growth of the international rubber industry, this exhibition has attracted nearly 700 exhibitors on a total exhibition area of over 50,000 square meters. This event’s exhibitors come from nearly 30 countries and regions worldwide, and attendance has become a must for companies involved in the rubber industry.

In preparing for this exhibition, NGC employees were actively brainstorming day and night. Thanks to the active cooperation and commitment from company departments, NGC Group has demonstrated outstanding teamwork and unity. Thanks to the careful preparation of our personnel, NGC’s new rubber and plastic machinery gearbox with independent intellectual property rights became a major bright attraction at the exhibition.

Among all rubber and plastic machinery gearboxes, the M520E dual-input power-splitting large mixer gearbox, the K810 vertical-input mixing mill gearbox, and the new-generation single-screw extruder gearbox represent NGC’s most innovative products, newly developed in the first half of this year thanks to the company’s continuous accumulation of technological advantages, which have been achieved through tireless research and development in the fields of rubber and plastic mechanical transmissions. During the period of designing these three new products, a new type of modular design was utilized to design the gearbox transmission systems, lubrication systems, and other important components, which shortened the development cycle and reduced processing costs. While maintaining the same level of gear strength, the total size and weight of the transmission parts were dramatically reduced, which effectively reduced costs. The new products adopted a new type of drive layout which reduced the total center distance of gearbox installation while improving the transmission efficiency and reducing the bearing load. These three gearboxes can achieve higher transmission efficiency and stability, ensuring the reliability of the gearbox and reducing subsequent maintenance time and costs, and making it conducive for NGC to further improve the efficiency and quality of its aftermarket services.

The unique workmanship of NGC’s designs and its outstanding product quality attracted many domestic and foreign businessmen visiting the conference to stop at the company’s booth, appreciate its products, and consult and negotiate with company staff. NGC engineers patiently discussed technical issues with customers, and the company’s products gained recognition from numerous expert attendees. In the future, NGC engineers will continue to develop high-quality rubber and plastic gearbox products to meet both domestic and international market demand, and will strive to fulfill NGC’s mission: “Driving the engine of progress for human civilization”. (Wang Wei)

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