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50 Years of Passion, Sailing on to Another Glorious Chapter -- NGC Puts on a Fine Display at the Hannover Messe

Published: 2019-04-04


On April 1, 2019, the annual Hannover Messe opened once again. With the theme of "The Integration of Industry - Industrial Intelligence", it attracted 6,500 exhibitors from 75 countries and regions throughout the world. Overseas exhibitors accounted for about 60%, and final visitor numbers were over 220,000. The NGC Group appeared at the Messe with many new products. As an expert in gearboxes and power transmission solutions, the NGC "China whirlwind" made yet another successful appearance!

During the fair, the dedicated booth celebrating NGC Group's 50th anniversary drew crowds of professionals and partners, who all expressed a keen interest in the exhibits and video displays. At the meeting table, and in front of the exhibits, customers from all over the world exchanged their views with NGC staff, talked happily, and concluded a number of product orders and cooperation agreements in a friendly atmosphere of mutual trust.

Selected exhibits

MP series standard industrial planetary gearboxes with "intelligent" soft outfit

The MP series of planetary gearbox products developed by the NGC China-Germany R&D team has been widely used in various industrial transmission applications. The modular design philosophy ensures a wider range of torque can be covered with fewer product models, while satisfying the requirements of a variety of different industries. Combined sealing structure, easy maintainability and fast delivery (of products) not only provide customers with highly reliable products, but also create more value for users.

The "Gear - Sight 3000" smart interconnected system completely developed in-house by NGC has created the "heart of wisdom" for a new generation of standard industrial gearboxes. The Gear - Sight 3000 series of products can effectively digitalize gearboxes, and integrate them into a company's digital management platform. It helps users to manage their equipment in a visual way, while maintenance and repair based on data analysis and diagnosis helps ensure equipment reliability. This will enable users to realize intelligent manufacturing and reap greater economic benefits.

A new generation of the MTG series high speed gearboxes

Since the early 1980s, NGC has been developing high speed (over 10,000 RPM) gearboxes, including the super high-speed 40,000 RPM gearboxes supplied for China's first geostationary satellite and ground stations. This is the origin of the name "high speed gearbox".

NGC’s path to technical exploration and improvement has never stopped. After two years of painstaking research, the NGC R&D team made a number of breakthroughs, and developed a new generation of high speed gearbox products – the MTG series high speed gearboxes. This series has higher power density, higher transmission efficiency and better cost performance. It has wide applications in the petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy and other industrial areas, and is a key piece of equipment for steam turbines, gas turbines and compressors, pumps and fans. It is one of NGC’s trademarks to expand into the high-end transmission product field and constantly challenge itself.

At the exhibition, the MTG product was the "star player" at NGC's booth, attracting a large number of professionals and other visitors.

Reducers for engineering machinery

NGC, a rising star in the field of engineering machinery speed reducer products, has made remarkable achievements both in terms of products and market influence. This has all been achieved in just two years. The reducers displayed at the exhibition included six application categories, with more than 16 types of products designed for walking, winding, and rotation. At the same time, NGC can provide a variety of customized products to meet specific customer demands. With its strong technical background, advanced management system, standardized mass production and outstanding service offering, NGC has won favor with many high-end manufacturers, and can boast a wide variety of product applications.

MBE series bucket elevator gearboxes

The MBE series bucket elevator gearboxes are based on the standard platform of the MHB series. They are dedicated to bucket applications, and thanks to their modular design technology, their structure is both more compact and more functional. Through practical applications, it has been proven that the products can fully replace imported brands, and that they can be widely used in bucket elevators for building material industry and food industry, as well as within other transportation equipment.

This year will witness the 50th anniversary of NGC Group, and we will move on with the times, promote our globalization strategy for the drives industry, and never give up on our journey towards perfection!

The challenge for 2019 has started, we shall move ever onward, and sail on to a glorious new chapter!


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