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The NGC Gear-Sight 3000 Online Monitoring System, Helping Improve the Reliability of Industrial Equipment

Published: 2019-01-09


Following bold exploration and research into design, manufacturing, assembly and other procedures, NGC has recently integrated the MLXSS360 type vertical mill gearbox used in the cement industry with the Gear-Sight 3000 on-line  monitoring system. This product left the factory with flying colors, ensuring accurate monitoring of the gearbox.

The perfect combination of gearbox and Gear-Sight 3000 will ensure the whole life cycle management of the equipment:
1. Real-time equipment diagnostics
2. Reduce unscheduled downtime
3. Reduce spare parts inventory
4. Improve equipment efficiency
5. Improve economic benefits for customers


The continued development of intelligent industrial technology has enabled equipment manufacturers to better address the pain points associated with industrial equipment, especially in terms of operation and maintenance of high power gearboxes. Relying on its superior strength in the field of industrial transmission equipment, and adhering to its business philosophy of providing users with the most reliable quality and innovative products, NGC launched its Gear-Sight 3000 online monitoring series of products to effectively help the user move on from the passive, unscheduled maintenance of the past to active, planned maintenance. This will save on maintenance costs, improve equipment safety and increase economic benefits.

Why should the gearbox and on-line monitoring system be bundled together before leaving the factory?

At present, most manufacturers tend  to install original spare parts onto the monitoring system, since monitoring systems and spare parts are usually prepared when the factories are first put into operation. Although some issues such as poor compatibility with the original equipment can be avoided in this way, compromises still need to be reached for equipment such as the main reducer; for example, vibration sensors need to be installed outside of the gearbox. Due to mechanical noise signals from the vibration sensor, this method is not ideal, and can also cause trouble for subsequent wiring.

Due to the above reasons, from the very beginning of the design phase,  NGC accurately considers, positions and installs the sensors at the proper measurement points. The sensors are integrated into the gearbox in order to maximize all-round monitoring of key positions.

Why choose NGC’s Gear-Sight 3000 ?

Relying on the company's varied and valuable experience accumulated over the years in the field of transmission equipment design, manufacture and testing, the Gear-Sight 3000 series of products has a large amount of data already built in. This includes characteristic frequency information for defects within the bearings and gears, which can help identify issues conveniently and quickly.

Excellent dynamic response performance and sampling bandwidth, combined with advanced technology such as total sampling, can realize the real-time capture of failure data, to achieve instantaneous monitoring. The self-learning function of the equipment, based on historical data analysis during operation, enables automatic dynamic adjustment and updating of fault alarm data.


Exquisite design, precise monitoring
High quality IP grade, reliable operation
Rich data analysis functions
Laboratory test accreditation

How can NGC’s Gear-Sight 3000 products maximize value for customers?

Certified by an expert-level ISO 18436 level-3 international vibration analyst diagnostics team, the system can provide 24-hour care for equipment operation, and ensure full life cycle management for the gearbox. A unique intelligent algorithm based on multidimensional data can accurately diagnose gearbox faults and provide a detailed health assessment. This will then lead to suitable maintenance solutions. Professional, systematic operations and maintenance services ensure an efficient response time and service quality tracking, to help users reduce spare parts and employee costs, while also providing a safety guarantee.

Passive maintenance

Predictive maintenance

1. Design parameters + Tracing + Expert analysis = High precision accuracy
2. Spare parts inventory + Manufacturing = Reduced spare parts inventory & Improved efficiency


Case Study

A domestic vertical mill gearbox has been operating safely in the cement industry for almost five years. One day, the remote monitoring system showed that the vibration shock at the measuring point on the big gear ring had begun to rise. At the same time, other related points showed no synchronized change. Through data analysis of the time domain, frequency spectrum and envelope demodulation, the diagnostic engineers discovered there was damage at the 12 o 'clock location of the ring gear, with the following fault waveform:

After the field service engineer went to check on the equipment, a number of gear surfaces were found to have been peeling off at the 12 o 'clock location of the big gear ring, with part of the gear surfaces showing indentations. An on-site inspection photo can be seen below:

Fault features:
Big gear surface peeled off
Rectangular in shape
Black in color
Tooth surfaces show normal wear and tear

The field inspection results were thus consistent with the remote diagnosis. After troubleshooting, this fault was diagnosed as being due to normal gear fatigue. NGC's professional judgment for this fault then enabled sound maintenance advice and overall customer satisfaction.

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