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NGC “Nanjing (China Transmission) Numerical Control Heavy Equipment Engineering and Technological Research Center” Certified and Listed

Published: 2015-12-22


Nanjing Scientific and Technological Commission recently released the 2015 certification list for the Nanjing Engineering and Technological Research Center. The Nanjing (China Transmission) Numerical Control Heavy Equipment Engineering and Technological Center applied by China Transmission Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd. (China Transmission Heavy Equipment), a subsidiary of NGC Gears, was certified and listed.

In order to develop high, large, precise and special machine tool products with characteristics of China Transmission Heavy Equipment from main development trends of high speed, high precision, high reliability, complexity, intelligence, softness, centralization and openness in current numerical control machine tool industry to provide substitutes for imported sophisticated master equipments for various machinery manufacturing enterprises, Nanjing (China Transmission) Numerical Control Heavy Equipment Engineering and Technological Center primarily studies the high precision, high speed, multi-spindle numerical control and other related technical performance of numerical control machine tools. 

The establishment of the technological and research center provides technical support for reinforcement of construction of engineering research platforms, solving major critical, basic and mutual technical issues, cultivation and gathering of high-quality engineering technical leaders, technical cadres and engineering management, promotion of industry-university-research cooperation, and continuous systematic, matching and engineering research and development of scientific results with important application prospects. It also ensures the provision of mature matching technical craft and equipments for mass production in enterprises, continuous promotion of product series with high technological contents and high value-added effects, promotion of related industries and fields to improve and of emerging industries, enhancement of independent innovation and market competitiveness, adjustment and optimization of economic structure, transfer of mode of economic development and establishment of innovative enterprises.

The certification and listing of the technological and research center is a significant milestone for research and development conditions and establishment of capacities at China Transmission Heavy Equipment in having reached a certain level of attainment. China Transmission Heavy Equipment will further improve management approaches, reinforce talent cultivation, accelerate technical innovation and continuously promote the construction capabilities of the technology and research center to contribute more to the technological improvements and advancements of the industry! (by Ren Zhijin and Qin Jinjin)

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