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Successful Sea Trial of the Main Propulsion System Provided by NGC for Leading Ship of 8000HP Deepwater Towing/Anchor Handling/Supply Vessel (Marine Oil 641)

Published: 2015-07-15


The sea trial of the 8000HP deepwater towing/anchor handling/supply vessel (marine oil 641) was recently commenced. The main propulsion system was designed and produced by Nanjing High Accurate Marine Equipment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of NGC Marine. The trial voyage over many days showed that the performance and velocity of the main propulsion system satisfied vessel design requirements. The bollard pull test conducted at the Huangchuan Wharf in the Nansha Islands attested to the fact that the bollard pull was greater than vessel design requirements under 100% MCR power. With the propeller and axles of the main propulsion system running smoothly and the pitch-controllable precision reaching internationally advanced levels, the sea trail achieved complete success and received the positive acknowledgement of the owner. The vessel was successfully delivered on June 19, 2015.

An 8000HP deepwater towing/anchor handling/supply vessel is one category out of 5 types of 14 ships under construction by China Oilfield Services, among which two were simultaneously constructed by Cosco Shipyard in 2014. In addition, domestic propulsion systems were first applied in China Oilfield Services vessels. To facilitate the vessel better achieving the need to fulfill new marine tasks, the main propulsion system adopts the double controllable-pitch propeller with a fairwater structure and 4 medium-speed diesel engines.

Designed by SDARI, 8000HP deepwater towing/anchor handling/supply vessel features long axles and stern tubes. The propulsion system is equipped with four engines and two propellers with high demands for velocity and bollard pull. NGC Marine matches the main engine and propeller based on performance requirements and theoretical propeller design so as to satisfy the requirements of velocity and bollard pull. Furthermore, to reduce vibration and vacuole of the propellers, proper disk ratio, screw pitch value and blade tip are considered and selected, with axles and other factors taken into full consideration in regard to specific applications for 32m long axles, so as to achieve stable axle operations. The main propulsion system provided by NGC Marine observes European standard has passed pre-delivery unified test with relevant frocks, reduced equipment failure rates and improved product quality reliability.

The main propulsion system for the marine oil 641 vessel provided by NGC Marine was approved and well received by the owner, attesting to the fact that domestic propulsion systems have risen to the level of high-end ship accessories and have broken up the monopolies of overseas top-grade ship equipment sales.

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