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Fire Drill Successfully Held at Production Base in Airport Part of NGC

Published: 2014-12-17


On November 28 of 2014, NGC Group held a joint drill of fire evacuation and actual extinguishment for the staff in its airport production base. Group leaders and the jurisdiction’s fire department paid high attention to this drill, and were physically in the site to offer guidance. Under positive response, support and organization of companies in the park, the drill realized great achievements. Through this drill, the staff of various companies further enhanced their awareness of fire, and gained valuable experience from actual combat.

The following is the evacuation drill site and some embodiments of the fire fighting and actual extinguishment drill:
Evacuation drill in office building:

On-site division and evacuation security guard were in place

Evacuation drill began, and smoke bombs were deployed

Evacuation personnel guided in site evacuation

Personnel in communication group reported the fires and affected property to superior departments

Dealing with injured personnel onsite

Office workers left the simulated fire scene quickly and orderly

The personnel participating in evacuation gathered at the designated area

Outdoor scene of the simulated office fire

Coordinators of regional fire prevention guards provided training in emergency escape skills onsite

Joint escape evacuation drill and actual extinguishment of every workshop:

Simulated fire

Beginning evacuation of every workshop

The members of the fire extinguishing group of each unit brought fire-fighting equipment and rushed to the scene of the fire

Battling the blaze onsite

Evacuated personnel girthed at the designated area to hear a summary evaluation

This fire drill was successful thanks to the complete support of every unit. The simulated fire effect of the office buildings was very realistic and during the escape evacuation process, staff were able to be evacuated to safe areas quickly and accurately in accordance with evacuation commands.

During this drill, we asked the coordinators of the jurisdiction to provide onsite guidance. In the actual extinguishment drill, the obligatory fire commanders, firemen, security guard and the personnel at important key sites were active participants, showing that the companies attach great importance to fire control work. This extinguishment drill was a comprehensive joint drill held on a large scale. The fire simulation was very realistic, and the participants were able to accurately use the fire-fighting equipment and facilities to master methods of fire extinguishment. The participants were fearless in face of the fire until it was put out.

The comprehensive fire fighting and coordinating ability of the staff was further improved through this drill, and effective guarantee can be provided toward reducing casualties and economic losses in emergency fire incidents. (By Cheng Zhibo)

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