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Coffee Master Salon Experience: Crafting a Cup of Chinese-style Pour-over Coffee

Published: 2024-07-01


Slow Down and Enjoy Life

We often say we do not have the time, mood or energy to manage our own lives, always making excuses for everything. In time, we forget what life was originally like.

In fact, living well is not that difficult. A bunch of inexpensive flowers bought from the street, a cup found at an antique stall, a walk in the park, a cup of steaming hot coffee... Making a cup of coffee by hand, bathing in the sunlight, sipping it slowly, and suddenly every ordinary day becomes increasingly rich and satisfying.

Take some time to try a new way of living, chat about your coffee stories, taste different flavors of freshly ground coffee, learn simple brewing methods, and spend a morning enjoying your own life.

On the morning of June 22nd, the NGC’s Corporate Management Department organized a unique NGC Coffee Master Experience Salon at the Laomen East Cafe. The event featured Hao Shu, a renowned figure in Nanjing's coffee community, and Liu, the founder of the Newsroom Coffee brand, who generously offered an immersive coffee culture experience to all attendees.

During the event, Hao Shu demonstrated the coffee-making techniques, while Liu provided the explanations. They shared various theories, from grinding beans to steeping and extraction. They also demonstrated three complete brewing processes for pour-over coffee on-site, emphasizing all the crucial steps such as selecting the right filter, the ratio of water to coffee beans, and controlling the water temperature. Notably, this salon specially prepared a selection of Hermès Sunshine Geisha beans for everyone to taste. After a series of explanations and tastings, the NGC colleagues were eager to try their hands at brewing coffee themselves. This allowed the coffee enthusiasts at the event to gain a deeper understanding of the coffee industry and culture.

Participant A: "I must say, the company's activities have reached new heights!"

Participant B: "I used to envy my friends' company events, but now they say that NGC is truly the envy of everyone else."

Participant C: "By participating in the event, I met a number of colleagues who also love coffee. We agreed to share our coffee experiences together."

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