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Breaking Waves with Oars, Advancing Together with Passion, Striving to Show Our Heroic Spirit - A Record of NGC Dragon Boat Team's Outstanding Achievements in Municipal Dragon Boat Competitions

Published: 2024-06-17


As the Dragon Boat Festival approached, the racing season was in full swing. Dragon boat racing, a traditional water sport activity held during the festival, carries a long and profound cultural history, embodying the spirit of unity, cooperation, and striving to be the best. This year, also the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese lunar calendar, dragon boat competitions were even more popular than usual. The athletes of the NGC Dragon Boat Team were full of confidence, switching to combat mode more than a month in advance, training diligently in the scorching sun despite wind and rain, making positive preparations for a host of competitions.

On June 1st, at the 2024 "Yue Dong Huai'an" Water Sports Four-Item Open Dragon Boat Race, the NGC (Jinhu Factory Area) Dragon Boat Team won the men's 200-meter straight dragon boat race. On June 2nd, the NGC Dragon Boat Team, representing Nanjing NII Group, participated in the 23rd Nanjing Sports Games (Employee Division) and the 17th Nanjing Workers' Sports Games Dragon Boat Race, securing the second place in the 200-meter straight and the fourth place in the 500-meter straight. On June 8th, in the final battle of this year's dragon boat race, the NGC Dragon Boat Team successfully defended its title at the 4th Nanjing "Enterprise Federation - Pilot Cup" Dragon Boat Competition with a 300-meter straight victory, rounding off this year's series of dragon boat races.

(Highlights of the Huai'an Dragon Boat Race)

(Highlights of the Dragon Boat Race at the City Workers' Sports Meeting)

(Highlights of the "Enterprise Federation - Pilot Cup" Dragon Boat Race in Nanjing)

No efforts are made in vain; no success comes without hard work. During their training activities, the NGC Dragon Boat Team members were undaunted by the scorching heat, unafraid of the waves, and unshaken by injuries, standing united with a common resolve. During the competition, they worked together and fought tenaciously, crying with passion and rowing with all their might. The surging waves gathered into a powerful force, helping them to achieve outstanding results in various municipal dragon boat races and bringing honor to the company.

Dragon boat racing is an important part of traditional Chinese culture, and carries the ongoing heritage of the Chinese people. The spirit of the dragon boat also inspires the members of NGC to be brave and innovative, continuously providing new momentum for the high-quality development of the company.

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