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Join with Our Youth and Together Build a Team ---- China Transmission Holds Successful 2014 Youth Exchange and Outward Bound

Published: 2014-06-16


The month of May belongs to the youth. The joy of these people in the prime of their lives is like a melodious song that gently touches the heart. Adolescence is like a meaningful painting that illuminates free will. Youth is like wings, breaking free the fetters to fly to heights uknown.

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In order to celebrate Youth Day on the 5th of May and motivate the vigor and creativity of our young people, China Transmission held an exchange and outward bound campaign in May for young employees to interact with each other and better integrate into the team. Roughly 150 young employees from six companies subordinate to China Transmission participated in the campaign.

Exciting Opening Ceremony

Part 1: Speed and Passion

Part 2: Rock Climbing

Part 3: Traversing the Broken Bridge

The young employees completed the tailored training plan made just for them in the exchange and outward bound campaign. The plan consisted of three parts of Speed and Passion, Team Rock Climbing, and Traversing the Broken Bridge and adopted a progressive marketing model. The relationship between the individuals and the team is deconstructed to help our young employees break the ice and get to know each other, establish mutual trust, collaborate to respond to challenges and ultimately integrate into the team. It is a process of teambuilding by winning victories against adversity.

During the campaign, young employees from different divisions of China Transmission actively performed leading roles as outstanding models, strengthened interaction and cooperation between each other and shared resources and information. Adhering to the purpose of “promoting interaction through training, strengthening cooperation through interaction and building a team through cooperation”, the campaign fostered corporate culture instantaneously by educating our younger staff.

Centering on the key tasks of China Transmission in 2014, the representatives from subordinate companies shared their happy and bitter moments in their careers, discussed their experiences in studying and growth combined with the real conditions of their jobs so as to give advice to the young people in their careers. Moreover, they built a rainbow bridge for the young staff to realize their dreams, display their talent and make contributions in their posts.


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