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Job training and skills contest----The opening ceremony of 2014 Nanjing High Accurate Marine for " Job training and skills contest"

Published: 2014-03-18


On the afternoon of March 12, 2014, the opening ceremony of Nanjing High Accurate Marine Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Nanjing High Accurate Marine) for "job training and skills contest" was held in Nanjing High Accurate Marine, which can help Nanjing High Accurate Marine to speed up the construction of skilled and talent team and generate excitement of the employees to learn more knowledge, practice skills and make more contributions so as to create a high quality skilled personnel to meet the requirement of modern construction enterprise.

(Chen made an important speech)

Mr. Dai Guilin, the Deputy Director of the Organization Committee of the campaign and deputy general manager of Nanjing High Accurate Marine presided at the opening ceremony. At first Mr Dai briefed the importance of this "job training and skills contest", and after that he made the specific requests of the activity and hoped that all the participants were able to race out of style and race the level of competition the spirit. Subsequently, Mr. Wang Yonghui, the technician from the Manufacture Control Department read the contest rules on behalf of the referees. Mr. Zhou Fei, a turner from No. 6 branch factory, read the oath on behalf of the players. Finally Mr. Chen Yongdao, the general manager of Nanjing High Accurate Marine and the director of the Organizing Committee of the event, gave an important instruction.

(Active site)

(Mr. Wang Yonghui read the contest rules on behalf of the referees)

Mr. Zhou Fei read the oath on behalf of the players)

Mr. Chen, the general manager, pointed out that it was the first time in the history of Nanjing High Accurate Marine to organize this event no matter in the number or working types of participants or the scale of activity. It has important significance for the development of Nanjing High Accurate Marine. He hoped that all the employees can improve and practice their skills through this activity. Nanjing High Accurate Marine was formally established in November 2007. In 2012, the third phase project has been officially put into operation. The employees of Nanjing High Accurate Marine have made great achievements just in six years, and Nanjing High Accurate Marine has been from a piece of paper into a magnificent blueprint. Today the ships made by Nanjing High Accurate Marine are sailing in the seas of the world. All of us were very proud of working here especially when we saw the ocean surveillance ships made by us sailing in the waters of our Diaoyu Islands, the East China Sea and South China Sea,. Finally, Mr. Chen expressed his eager hope to everyone and stressed that marine product have its own particularity, which required us to guarantee the quality, and always remember the idea of "Quality First, Customers first" during our daily working procedure. He hoped that we can reinforce our product quality and further enhance the company's efficiency through this event.

(The contestants performed a theoretical exam)

After the ceremony, all the contestants performed a theoretical exam, and operating skills will be carried out gradually over the next month.

Focused on the theme of "developing skills to win wonderful life", and in order to make the campaign more effective, Mr. Chen Yongdao, the general manager, personally served as the leadership of the Organizing Committee, in which there are many function mechanisms, such as judge group, equipment protection group, secretary group and so on. Each mechanism should strictly do their duties and should be fully in accordance with the work thought of "combining skills competition with training”. Through job training, skills contest and other activities, the sense if occupation honor of employees should be enhanced. Their personal skills and quality shall be improved. We should speedily build up a strong team of skilled personnel who are highly competent and professional in supporting the enterprise to become more competitive. 

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